Goddess of Nightmares


Divine titles: the Dreamer, the Walking Nightmare, the Watcher

Favored Weapon: Staff
Symbol: an Arcane Eye

Favored Attributes:
Favored Abilities:

Portfolio: Magic, Dreams, Nightmares, Darkness, Negative Energy


Daughter of Hala and Nicholas, sister to Teniga. Alonya spends her time in an area called the Violet Dream. A realm of shifting images and a constantly changing landscape. This is a realm where dreams literally come true, as do nightmares. One might even say this is where nightmares are born and where they come from.

People are sometimes used as “portals” by inhabitants of this realm and use them to spill into the waking world. Adventurers also try to go into this realm in a collective hypnosis.

It is rumored that the Violet Dream sprang into existence from one of Alonya’s own dreams. She certainly seems to be the one in control of the plane.


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