God of Defense and Walls


Divine titles: Liberty Lord, The Golden Scale, the Vigilant Wall, Lord Protector of the Azoth

Favored Weapon: Greatsword
Symbol: Scales with the right base down

Favored Attributes:
Favored Abilities:

Portfolio: Defense, Walls, Mountain, Vigiliance, Justice, Vengeance, Punishment, Atonement, Penance


Son of Fenya, brother of Sarkan and Tuzel, Falgyam is indeed the shining example of a Lawful Good keeper of Vigilance, Peace and Justice.

Falgyam is known as a staunch defender and was the one who designed the walls that protect White Garden and as such most if not all human walls in Alemania are modeled after the walls Falgyam came up with.

Falgyam has little patience for law breakers and though he is not a fan of death as a punishment for crimes, he has no problem demanding justice be brought, especially against oathbreakers and traitors. Falgyam avoids death as a punishment as much as possible, as such, theIsten along with their worships punish the most heinous crimes with exile and banishment

Despite his rigid view on justice, Falgyam is not quick to dispense justice out so quickly, not without looking at all the facts of the crime.


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