God of Hunting


Divine titles: The Lazy Hunter, Wolf Father, Storm Wolf

Favored Weapon: Bow
Symbol: 2 crow feet-prints

Favored Attributes:
Favored Abilities:

Portfolio: Hunting, Predators, Tracking, Storms, Lightning, Birds


Son of Vadom, husband of Alonya and “father” of the Kulman. Farkav is a hunter and likes to spend most of his time on earth, living among the Kulman or in the forests of Antarctica. Much like the Kulman he created, he loves to hunt and would prefer to be hunting days, sometimes weeks at a time than be at home dealing with the politics of the cosmos.

Despite the Kulman’s rejection of their creation, Farkav doesn’t hold a grudge against them like his wife does and still find them pleasurable company. Though, unlike the Kulman, he is content with hunting regular game and smaller creatures. Rarely does he interfere with other creatures larger than a bear.

Farkav is also known to get in a boat and sail around doing nothing but lounging in it and creating storms as he enjoyed the rocking motion of the sea.


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