God of Smithing


Divine titles: Architect of the Heavens, Smith Lord of the Azoth

Favored Weapon: Hammer
Symbol: an Anvil

Favored Attributes:
Favored Abilities:

Portfolio: Smithing, armor, weapons, construction, architecture


Son of Sarkakir and Vizgyag, brother to Varerme and Imlazados, grandson to Fenyanya, the Isten god of Smiths is an absentminded man, forgetting where he is on a project and is easily distracted. It is not rare for him to be in the middle of a project and suddenly stop, only to start a new one. Despite his absentmindedness, he always finishes what he starts, and they end up being wondrous inventions and gorgeous crafted.

Rumors exist that Kovac has a secret notebook of schematics and plans that he has for all his works and inventions. Many adventurers and some other gods seek this hidden book.

Truth be told, no such book exists. In an uncanny twist, the absentminded god just has an amazing ability to recall anything he has worked on, if only for a moment.


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