Goddess of Serpents


Divine titles: The Poison Lake, The Scorekeeper
Alignment: Evil

Favored weapon: Bastard Sword
Symbol: Green liquid dripping off a lowered blade.

Portfolio: Assassination, Snake, Swamp, Poison, Sewer

Warrior Ideal: Aconite slithers forward and begins a swaying serpentine dance, jerky, both sudden and slow, erotic and revolting, forward and back, side to side, mesmerizing and hypnotic, and it ends in one final sudden strike.

Divine Rank: 12
Poison Lake, Scorekeeper
Symbol: Green liquid dripping off a lowered blade.
Home Plane:
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Portfolio: Assassination, Snake, Swamp, Poison, Sewer
Worshipers: Assassins, Sewer Workers, Hitmen, Thieves
Clerical Alignment: NE, LE, CE
Domains: Evil, Animal, Plant, Trickery
Favored Weapon: Bastard Sword


Aconite is a hideous wretch. Her skin is pale and splotchy. Her legs have merged into the tail of a great serpent. Her hair is an uneven ash grey, with streaks of black and white, which hangs in uneven clumps. Her slit eyes constantly dart from place to place, and her human upper body shifts about constantly as she can never rest comfortably on her serpentine rump. Her torso is of an average size but she has four arms and a row of breasts, and her tail drags at least fifteen feet behind her. Her horns are short, wickedly barbed, and drip foul and acidic poison.

She disdains clothing when in her claimed domains, it would just be ruined by the mud and filth, but when she travels she wraps herself in a burqa. She moves slowly so her tail does not drag outside the covering.


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