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“I’m not the first god who’s ever had a child with a mortal. But I like to think I’m the first one that took parenting seriously.” – Anzo

“In the Long Night, before the safety of the cities, before the New Order, there was only Anzo.” – Sermons
Ragnarok was the darkest epoch in human history, a bleak period where men and gods burned and fell before the unholy might of the Titans and their spawn. Even Odin, greatest of the gods of the first age of men, did fall, his halls burned, his family put to the sword. But the line of Odin is not finished, Anzo, last of the Odin sons, still walks the world. A survivor of Ragnarok and a paragon of the long night. When the world in ruin and gods squabbling among themselves, when strange races ran amok, it was the last of the Aesir who stood sheltering Humanity from the endless strife.
Relics innumerable have been taken from the ruins of Long Night villages and towns, from books, to clothing, to children’s dolls, all showing the strong influence of Anzo. Proving without doubt the veracity of the Weaving Gods assertions that he is a survivor a Ragnarok. Further, they show how thorough his clerics and followers were in the Long Night, and the efforts they took on behalf of mankind.
As the God of Mankind and as a scholar of the past, Anzo has made sure that his exploits along with that of the old pantheons and old earth are retrained and retold. It is thanks to Anzo that denizens of 2nd earth know about Odin and Zeus and the rest. Of all the gods, Anzo is the only god with a full and complete record of who he is and his upbringings, making accounts of Anzo the most accurate and the only one with no different accounts of all the gods.

“You hold in your hand a record. A great chronicle of all that was once noble and good. Heed the God that Binds; regard the wisdom in this tome and learn all that may yet be again.”- Anzo Odinson, The Allfather
In the modern age, a much safer and ordered period of history despite the struggles we endure, Anzo has continued his message of human unity. He encourages the safety and stability of family, the preciousness of children, the value of community, and the necessity of respecting and understanding our forbearers so that we can attempt to recreate their ancient splendor.

Anzo carries the blood of the Aesir of old, and he will not sully that noble heritage by taking the form of non-human races. Still, the human race has fallen far from olden days, and Anzo bears only slight resemblance to any of the ‘modern’ human groups. He has the wise eyes of a Lowlander, the pale skin of a Midlander, the golden brown hair of Northern Levia, the carrying voice of a Keshian, the solemn stride of a Southlander. While Anzo is one of the richest gods in the New Order, he does nothing to show it. Anzo usually dresses in plain garbs that any commoner can purchase, and a simple, plain white tabard. Some say he does this purposefully to counter Dinar’s lavish exuberance.

Anzo and the Teotl War
“As war once again ravages this new earth, I found myself at a crossroads. Do I pick up a sword and defend my people, the dynasty I am trying so hard to build, with the vioence my brothers displayed? Or do I run and hide away with as many people as I can safeguard, lettng this war end on its own? I am choosing to fight, but not with a sword. I stand before you now, with the same question. What is your choice?”-Anzo to Kumo
During the Teotl war Anzo was one of the first gods to march under Kumo’s banner and was instrumental in rallying scores of gods to the New Order. Like all gods, his exact role during the war is shrouded in myth. It is known he spent much of the war recruiting neutral deities, and mustering support against the Teotl. Other accounts say he acted as a spy, infiltrating behind the lines gathering crucial information and sabotaging the enemy war effort.

Anzo, the New Order, and the Bureau of Humanity
“A city is only as strong as its people.” – Anzoite Speaker
Anzo is one of the most prominent gods of the New Order. In addition to his position among the 12 foremost gods he sits as one of the 5 Bureau Directors. As the head of the Bureau of Souled Races (often called the Bureau of Humanity) Anzo has both incredible power to shape certain aspects of second Earth, he was also presented with the golden opportunity of being responsible for filling some of the most sought after positions in the entire New Order.
While it is not the most prestigious or influential bureau (for that is the Bureau of Heaven), nor is it the most destructive bureau (for that is the Bureau of Seasons), the Bureau of Humanity is the most popular Bureau among mortals, making it the richest Bureau in Heaven. Many of Anzo’s children have become City Fathers and Mothers, further cementing his control over the bureau.
For all that he has done for the New Order, Anzo has recently become troubled by it. The New Order openly encourages the spread of Goblins, Serpentfolk, Orcs, Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, even the likes of Amazons, Mermaids, and Roquet… any race that worships the New Order… even at the expense of Humanity. Anzo has spent centuries advancing the agenda of mankind, and against the combined might of a system pushing for balance for all races, he is coming to the conclusion that it isn’t working. His dream of human reclamation is no more likely to come to be now than it was in the immediate aftermath of the Teotl War. So the Man God finds himself in the dread position of having to figure out what to do about it.

Lesser Races of Second Earth
Anzo does not hate the lesser races… but they aren’t his people. He has, occasionally, experimented with trying to re-socialize these races, to help them better adjust to his vision of Humanity Ascendant, but the results of his efforts have proven somewhat underwhelming.

Anzo, God of Binding
“Not the Present, Nor the Future, But the lost wonders of the past and the antediluvian glories of our forbearers is where we should set our eyes.”
The faith of Anzo plays many roles to tie humanity together. Births, weddings, funerals, reunions, yearly gatherings, Anzoite dogma celebrates all of these things, and encourages the sharing of such events with friends, neighbors, and especially relations. While the core of Anzoite doctrine deals with community and family, there is considerable emphasis on the Old Realms of humanity and the responsibilities to be had towards ones ancestors, and the need to reclaim mankind’s standing as the leading race of Earth.

Anzo, The Copper Knight
“Our most precious resource is not gold or exotic goods, but children. For them, we build our kingdoms and dynasties. No child will go unattended on my watch!”
For all this works and doings in saving humanity, Anzo instills a great amount of worth and emphasis on the well being of children. Parents are responsible for ensuring their child is properly cared for at most costs. Though, some Anzoites have taken it upon themselves to interpret this message to include orphans over other children. Making temples of Anzo default orphanages. Many children that do not get adopted end up becoming clerics and Copper Knights of Anzo since they have lived most of their lived in his temples.

Artifacts of Legend

  • Gungnir, The Swaying Own – First wielded by Odin, this spear retains all the powers it had for all the millennia it existed. After Odin’s death at the very start of Ragnarok, Anzo was surprised to find the weapon was completely intact. Now held by the God that Binds, it has become a symbol to mankind and the weapon of choice for the Copper Knights.
  • The Unending Grimoire – Due to Anzo’s diligence and utter obsession with the past, it is thanks to him that humankind has learned of its history from first Earth. This tome is Anzo’s gift to man as it holds as many historical accounts about first earth as could be remembered and recollected. Anzo dictates that they must learn from the past so they can acknowledge what their birthright is on second earth. Every temple of Anzo has a copy of this book while the original has been passed down to Azelia.

Name: Anzo
XP: 899
Divine Rank: 17

Strength 4XXXX, Dexterity 5XXXXX, Stamina 5XXXXX
Charisma 8XXXXXXXX, Manipulation 6XXXXXX, Appearance 8XXXXXXXX
Perception 5XXXXX, Intelligence 8XXXXXXXX, Wits 5XXXXX

Skills: Academics 2, Animal Ken 2, Art (Architecture 2, Culinary 2, Engineering 2, Metalsmithing 2, Modern 2, Performance Art 2, Stonework 2, Textiles 2, Visual Art 2, Woodwork 2), Athletics 2, Awareness 2, Brawl 2, Command 3, Control 2, Empathy 2, Fortitude 2, Integrity 7, Investigation 2, Larceny 2, Marksmanship 2, Medicine 1, Melee 2, Occult 5, Politics 2, Presence 6, Stealth 2, Survival 2, Thrown 1

Purviews: Artistry 3, Death 6, Guardian Avatar, Illusion 6, Judgement 8, Magic 6

Anzo 2.0

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