God of Brotherhood


Former life: Anzu Anzoson, son of Anzo, Copper Knight of the New World
Divine titles: Shield of the Living, Nomadic Protector, New World Valkyrie, Founder of the Knights of Valkar
Alignment: Lawful Good

Favored weapon: Shield
Symbol: A shield with 4 wings

Favored Attributes: Epic Strength, Epic Stamina, Epic Wits
Favored Abilities: Athletics, Awareness, Melee, Marksmanship, Presence, War
Favored Purviews: Guardian, Psychopomp

Portfolio: Brotherhood, Comradery, Crusaders, Knighthood


Born of a lowly family, Anzu grew up on the idea of having a big important family during the Age of Heroes. His desire for such a big family led him to get in trouble with nobles as he tried to sneak into various parties and galas to see how it was to be in such a world.

Disillusioned by seeing how the big families of nobles actually acted, hating each other and coveting higher positions, Anzu vowed that he would make a family that never did that and always worked towards a common goal together, support one another at all times. This idealism lead him to the life of a knight, finding comfort in brotherhood instead of family, though still holding firm to the idea of community.

As the Age of Heroes wore on, Anzu wanted to leave his mark on the world in a profound way and doing it the only way he knew how. Founding the order of Valkar. An order of knights that started off as vagabond Copper Knights. They would go around on a crusade to destroy evil wherever it sprouted. Making sure they were the first in line when a threat that seeks to destroy all emerged. Because they are always traveling and fighting together, they quickly formed a strong bond of kinship and brotherhood that Anzu made sure to instill in his fellow knights as their ranks swelled.

Anzu’s efforts paid off in time, earning the reputation as protectors of the land whenever towns and cities came under threat of destruction. As they years went on and the knights started to lose their numbers, they needed a way to pass on their traditions and skills within their order. As such, they made sure to not let just anyone join. After a very trying and often deadly “application” process, each knight would take a single apprentice from a young age and trains them as their crusade continued. Should the master die, the apprentice was to take up the fallen’s armor and replaces them in the battle and it the ranks. Making sure to solidify the bond of brotherhood through battle and thus, blood.

After his ascension into godhood and inspired by the tales that Anzo has told him, Anzu has dedicated himself to be like a Valkyrie from ancient times. Protecting mortals from harm and preparing them for the afterlife right before their time was at hand.


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