Aquila 2.0

Aquila is the goddess of chaos, the west wind, the eternal metamorphosis of reality. She wars perpetually with ‘what is’ in an endless effort to find ‘what could be’.

“She is a hurricane from a clear sky, a thousand men falling in love with one woman; she is the unexpected given form, the one thing you did not plan for.”- Bagheera

There are few facts that exist of Aquila’s early origins. She did not appear in the records of humanity until The Age of Heroes, when her orcish and elvish followers arrived from the Eastern Continent during their great crusade. The earliest accounts of her are translated from orc skalds and are often contradictory. She is, most sources agree, a descendent of the Old Europan Gods although different orc epics often relate her to various pre-Ragnarok deities. As she became more and more involved in human affairs, other origin myths were attached to her further diffusing any but the oldest orc tales from any sort of reliability.
A common orcish tale claims that she is a daughter of great Odin or Loki and thus a sister or cousin to Anzo. Though this assertion is wildly decried by Anzoite clerics as numerous records and documents ‘prove’ he is the last of the line of the Aesir and the sole heir of that most noble heritage. (Although only the most ill-mannered and theologically recidivist Anzoites would deny that Tourmaline is a daughter of the Vanir and Jotun. Making her something of a cousin to great Anzo… though only in the way a bastard can claim relation to a noble house.) But nearly all of these sources are Anzoite ones making their case somewhat biased. Other sources make her a childe of Morrigan, Ares, Stribog, even the lesser Titan Danu.
Even her age is under some dispute as orcish tales and elven accounts of the Long Night vary wildly. Some accounts place her as a survivor of Ragnarok, other stories claim she was born from a corpse, or descended on a fiery comet. However given the pervasiveness of her influence among both orcs and elves, Aquila must have begun being worshipped fairly early in the long night. From several accounts it seems she was a member of a pre-New Order pantheon on the Eastern Continent, including deities like Saladin, Gheleon, Radagast, and Efrideet, although what they were gods of and how they came to perish is unknown as only Aquila survived into the Age of Heroes. It is possible, though unlikely, that members of this pantheon may still exist on the eastern continent, choosing to remain separate from the New Order.

Aquila is widely held as the most beautiful goddess, but few credible sources provide any concrete details about what makes her so. She is occasionally described to appear as a green woman, though whether this is a description of her orcish appearance or she genuinely appears as a green human is unclear. Most accounts claim her eyes are “crimson beyond crimson,” or “I could see all the blood that had ever been spilled in her name reflected in her eyes.”
What is known with certainty is the effect of her presence. Men and women begin to lose control of themselves, becoming violent, attacking each other in an effort to earn her attention. While orcs often revel in this feeling, what they call “blood greed” or “battle lust”, most other cultures reasonably find it… unsettling.

Aquila and the New Order:
Aquila is the head of the Bureau of Seasons, the divine office of celestial phenomena, weather, magic, disease … and numerous other world affecting forces. Were that not enough, she is the defacto head of the Chaos wing of the New Order, and one of the grand architects behind the creation of the great super pantheon. Few gods are as devoted to its success as she is… or have spent as much time scheming about what will happen when it inevitably falls.

Aquila and the Races of 2nd Earth:
“Blades forged beneath the crimson banner, pleasing to the Green Raven!” – Boast of an orc Weaponsmith

Aquila has wormed her way into the culture and psyche of all the races of the New Order… though orcs and men are her favorites. If there is a race she finds… distasteful it is the Halflings. Their ability to wholeheartedly embrace the mundane leaves her… exhausted.
She is an advocate of the orc and elf races, although she has made certain to attach herself in some fashion to other prominent species.

Aquila Goddess of War:
“Huddled at the base of the mountain, we had no choice but to beat our tools into weapons of war, and we turned our prayers to the crimson goddess of slaying and miracles.”- The Widows Rebellion.

Anzoite teachings say that war is a terrible tragedy. Bagheeran teachings say that war is a necessary tactic of the state, and that it is won by armies with the most brilliant officers, disciplined infantry, fastest cavalry, and accurate war machines. Luxian teachings say that war is a place for heroes, the righteous and noble to vent their wrath and prove their worth. Noireian teachings hold that war is a duty no different than any other, and that the result is unimportant, only the doing matters. But Aquila, Aquila claims war is beautiful. War is a grand, licentious adventure, a crimson canvas writ large by heroes, it is an epic ballad with no tales exactly the same. Aquila whispers words of victory, never promises, but perhaps, if you show a little initiative…
Aquila is the patron of massacres, oceans of blood, and single minded slaughter. But she is also the goddess of upsets, wild unexpected victories, and the bizarre events that only war can bring. When a thousand arrows fly at a target only to all miss, when a general dies by tripping over a parapet, when any of the million things that can go wrong do, soldiers huddle and whisper of Aquila.

Aquila Goddess of the Pandemonium:
Where Bethany is a goddess of freedom, Aquila is a goddess of Anarchy and Strife.
Aquila is not a goddess of peace. Violence and conflict are her muses and she needs them. She is the wind, flitting from place to place, concept to form to drawingboard, she cannot be contained. So, naturally, in times of peace she finds a place in the hearts of others who share her malcontent. Rebels, anarchists, mischief makers, thugs, rapists, thieves, any who strive in some way against the expected or routine.

Artifacts of Legend:
• Crimson Frock- “The wind in your hair, your enemies piled at your feet, your body coated in blood. Beautiful.”


Name: Aquila
XP: 890
Divine Rank: 17

Strength 3XX, Dexterity 7XXXXXXX, Stamina 5XXX
Charisma 6XXXXX, Manipulation 7XXXXXXX, Appearance Avatar!
Perception 3XXX, Intelligence 3XXX, Wits 8XXXXXXXX

Skills: Academics 1, Animal Ken 5, Art (Architecture 5, Culinary, Engineering, Metalsmithing, Modern, Performance Art 5, Stonework, Textiles, Visual Art 5, Woodwork), Athletics 3, Awareness 1, Brawl, Command 2, Control, Empathy 5, Fortitude 1, Integrity 1, Investigation 1, Larceny 2, Marksmanship, Medicine, Melee, Occult 2, Politics 5, Presence 10, Stealth, Survival 1, Thrown

Boons: Animal (Raven) 7X, Chaos Avatar, Magic 3X, Sky 9X, War 6X

Legend: 12
Virtues: Courage 4, Expression 6, Harmony 3, Order 1

Strength: Titanium Tools, Holy Bound
Dexterity: Escape Artist, Perfect Partner, Photographic Penmanship, Mightier than the sword, and the crowd goes wild, roll with it, Cats grace
Stamina: Damage Conversion, Divine Damage Conversion, Unbreakable
Charisma: Charmer, Crowd Control, Pied Piper, Divine Figurehead, Boys Will Be Boys
Manipulation: God’s Honest, Takes One to know one, Stench of Guilt, Knowing Glance, Rumor Mill, Trend setter, Advantageous Circumstances
Appearance: ALL.
Perception: Perfect Pitch, Subvocalization, Refined Palate
Int: Perfect Memory, Applied Academics, Compartmentalization
Wits: Rabbit Reflexes, Social Chameleon, Opening Salvo, Scathing Retort, Last Word, Psychic Profiler, Damage Control, Perfect Imposter

Aquila 2.0

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