Goddess of Learning


Former life: Azelia Anzodottir, daughter of Anzo, a mage from the New World.
Divine titles: The Woven Fate, The Lady of Magicks.
Alignment: Lawful Good.

Favored weapon: Wand.
Symbol: A pentagram, in varying levels of elaborateness.

Favored Attributes: Magic, Epic Intelligence, Epic Perception, Epic Charisma.
Favored Abilities: Academics, Awareness, Empathy, Medicine, Occult, Presence.

Portfolio: Magic, Students, Schools, Scholars.


Azelia likes to keep to herself, locked up in either her room or a library, spending hours upon end studying tomes and books full of magical knowledge. She is of average height with long bright blonde hair. Always the studious girl, Azelia is incredibly bright and is intensely loyal to her family. Her knowledge of magic is unrivaled in the Divine City. Unlike her father, she does sometimes appear in forms other than human and is worshiped by many races who wish to study magic.

One aspect that Azelia takes from her father is his desire to keep the peace and stay neutral in any debate or argument. Apart from keeping the peace, Azelia likes to help others and will often go out of her way to help when she can, though most, if not all, of her solutions to any problems involve magic, even if it is for a very mundane task.


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