God of Stars and Constellations


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After Azelia’s birth, Anzo began evaluating the worth of his forebears lost dynasty and concluded that if he were to have one of his own, he would not have to look into the past but look towards the future in a unique way: children. So Anzo set forth to populate his legacy. Once the Age of Heroes began, Anzo roamed second earth. One day he came upon a maiden in the land that would be known as Levia. After a brief courtship with her, he impregnated her and she bore him a son, Azger.


Azger and the Age of Heroes
As Azger matured and grew up, living amonst mortals, he could not keep himself from looking up at the stars, waiting for hir father’s visits eagerly. At the age of 14, he decided he would make something of himself. Using his fascination and obsession with his father and the stars his driving force. He set out to Serpentfolk lands to learn astronomy, astrology and magic from them.

During one of this training regiments, he ambitiously attempted to cast a spell that was outside of his skill level. As a result, the backlash of the spell cost him his sight in his right eye, leaving him partially blind. Still, with one good eye and an unshakable resolve, he pushed forward and completed his training.

Years passed after he “graduated” and in that time, he spent many days and nights training his abilities and magic to learn to control and manipulate the light from stars. So much so that he learned a way to see without eyes, using only the light of stars, assuming he was outside or someplace where light could shine through, to see. This new ability he cultivated gave him for starters a 360 degree field of vision, thus becoming the first Stellamancer.

After mastering his abilities, he set back out to teach the Serpentfolk what he had learned. Were it not for them he would not have been able to develop his powers, so he felt like he owed them. In turn for his teaching them this new professions, Azger became the first, and maybe the only human to something epic that only serpentfolk do with no outsider

Azger and the New Order

Azger and the Races
Serpentfolk revere him for many reasons. The first being his relationship with them while he was still mortal and his teaching them the ways of the Stellamancer. Next is his constellation arrangements and ability to walk the stars, thus they praying to him more than any race.

Azger, God of Stars
At the age of 14, Azger looked up into the cosmos and became fascinated with the stars, instantly taking or astronomy and astrology. It did not take him long to be able to walk amongst them. Writing history in the constellations and rearranging them to tell new stories. Apart from his duties in the Bureau of Humanity, Azger also holds office at the Department of Celestial Phenomena in the Bureau of Seasons as it’s head.

Artifacts of Legend

  • Star Heart – One of the first wands Azger created when she began her fascination with stars. Born out of a dying star, this wand holds power over the constellations and is used when Azger needs to fight or create. Ever on her person, much like any book Azger never goes anywhere without it.


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