Greater God of Reason


Former life: Ludo Bagheera, demigod of Vishnu, a military man from San Francisco, California.
Divine titles: The Dawn of Reason, The Warden in the East, The Silver Prince, Our Great Protector.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral.

Favored weapon: Longsword.
Symbol: A roaring panther’s head.

Favored Attributes: Epic Intelligence, Epic Wits, Guardian, Justice, Sun.
Favored Abilities: Academics, Awareness, Command, Integrity, Melee, Politics.

Portfolio: Guardian, Justice.


Bagheera normally appears as a tall, heavily built man of Pakistani descent. He possesses a thick, full beard and is almost always seen wearing his warrior garb – blue robes, a silver breastplate, silver pauldrons, and a turban, which has become the standard uniform for the Order of the Panther, an elite group of paladins that have formed around his teachings.

His demeanor is calm and reserved at all times, befitting a man of his massive intelligence. Even in battle, he is a bastion of fierce calm with every blow landing with ruthless efficiency and razor precision. When he does engage in talk, he remains quiet until he speaks his one scarily insightful comment that changes the landscape of the whole conversation.


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