Belias 2.0

The Sinister Queen in Vermillion


Vermillion Sea
An old Goddess, obscured by distance and time from the records of the lands of men. Only records and texts from the One and Nine invoke the name of Belias… and even they are reluctant.
As best goblin records are willing to reveal, Belias predates Ragnarok. Yet she remains unmentioned in any surviving source of 1st Earth available on the northern continent. A sinister and vile goddess, she headed her own pantheon during the Long Night.
They say she had her husband stitched to his mistress and exiled them naked into the desert. That she ate her sons, and castrated Tezcatlipoca when he visited her court just prior to the Teotl Wars. She was brutal to her 29 daughters, ravaging and torturing them, setting them against each other in twisted games.
Eventually her daughters turned on her, all twenty nine butchering Belias in her basalt throne. They hacked her into twenty nine pieces, and scattered her body in hidden places across Creation.

A monstrous goddess, with a sinewy and spiked tail, bony horns, menacing wings, and eyes of hate. Yet nothing can distract from her angelic face, gentle hands, and welcoming thighs. There is no mercy or kindness in Belial. Only a rage that will never subside.

The Vermillion Sea:
“I am returned.”
It was Corax who spent centuries searching for each of the pieces of Belias, and pieced her back together. No one is certain why. Wasting no time the dethroned goddess reclaimed her palace, and asserted her dominance over the Vermillion Sea. Belonging to no pantheon, Belias rages at her plight. Helpless against the mega pantheons, yet too powerful to simply be absorbed against her will. Her vast palaces long deserted, her children and servants escaped to new lives. She wanders the empty corridors of her vast citadel screaming and raging at the shadows of those long gone and scheming fresh revenge.
The Vermillion sea (almost an ocean) is an orange red hue, it hisses and bubbles, and wooden hulls not protected by magic do not last long against the slightly acidic water.

The Thutmose:
“Eliot was wrong, the last world ended in screams and so will this one.”
Belias is an ally of the Thutmose, and sometimes a guest of Sarkon’s court. It is an alliance of convenience that greatly troubles noble Falgyam.

The Children of Belias:
Belias is known for eating her sons so it unlikely any survive though Uncle Goat and Erebus are rumored to be hers.
Her 29 daughters scattered far and wide. Some died in the Teotl War. A few are minor deities in the New Order and Azlanti, though three are members of the Thutmose.


Belias 2.0

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