Greater Goddess of Passion


Divine titles: The Red Princess, The Evening Lady.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.

Favored weapon: Warhammer.
Symbol: A hand clenching a burning heart.

Favored Attributes: Epic Strength, Epic Stamina, Epic Appearance, Sun, Artistry.
Favored Abilities: Art, Brawl, Control, Fortitude, Larceny, Presence.

Portfolio: Sun, Strength, Love, Passion, Art, Creation, Craftsmen.

Worship, Tales


Bethany is the daughter and eldest child of Kumo, High Queen of the New Order. Her younger brother is Carson, God of Punishment. Her half siblings are the Three Stars, the Gods of Childhood. This officially makes her the heir to the Bright Moon, though she willingly given up her title of her to the Three Stars.

Her lieutenant is Mito, the goddess of the Inner Sea.

Green-eyed and fair-skinned with strawberry blonde hair that glitters in the evening light, Bethany is the most attractive being that most people will ever lay eyes on. Everything about her is undeniably appealing. She exudes sexual energy; she’s a constant flirt, and while she changes outfits and styles regularly, always chooses provocative outfits and poses. She is always wanted by someone in whatever room she’s in. Her demeanor is forward, aggressive and irresistible. (Of course, most actually believe that Aquila is more beautiful than Bethany, but none, not even the other gods, have dared to tell her this.)

Or at least, that’s what she normally looks like. While all of the gods can shift to appear as their worshipers expect, Bethany has nearly complete control over her appearance and it is as fluid and mutable as her mood. She can even change her gender at will. She could be anyone, anywhere, anytime and most would be none the wiser. There are a couple telltale signs though: she is never ugly, plain sometimes, but never ugly, and she tends to favor red or strawberry blonde hair. Children born with red hair are often considered to be born from a great night of passion between their parents.

As easily as she can craft her own appearance to suit her needs and whims, Bethany can also craft a variety of objects and devices. She is a masterclass painter, an accomplished musician (who favors the piano), a poet, a chef, a carpenter, a blacksmith, and an engineer. Her finest two creations are her Warhammer, named Perfection, and her mechanical chariot, named Screamer.


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