Name: Bhaltair, the Eternal Brawler.

  • Draconic Form – An immense, hideously ugly, bipedal dragon with oversized arms and fist and long, flowing wings that fall like a cape.
  • Human Form – A huge mountain of a man with massive fists and a shaved head.
  • Tell: Bhaltair’s blood glows with the power of dusk and can be seen under his skin, especially when he gets angry.
    Alignment: True Neutral.
    Habits: Bhaltair detests his draconic form and avoids it at all costs. He instead spends time in his hulking human form, where he enjoys wrestling, brawling and other feats of strength.

Lair: Bhaltair lives a solitary, wandering existence. He is known to maintain a lair and while some have found it, none have been able to remove more than the smallest treasure. Bhaltair wanders, finds something immensely heavy and then drags his prize back to his lair, regardless of how much time it takes him to do it. He tends to be quite forgetful though, so he forgets what’s actually in there… It’s the journey and the carrying that he enjoys most.

Treasure: As described above, Bhaltair hordes incredibly heavy objects and so his lair is filled with boulders, bells, anvils, and other items of immense weight.


Bhaltair crops into legends several times. He fought on the front lines during the Teotl War, supposedly tossing Nasaroh aside as if they were pebbles. He supposedly walked into the Great City of Talador and walked off with the Jeweled Bell of Elsinore. Best known and most amusingly, he appears in some of the early epics of Drannis Anzoson, hero of Tear, where he walks off with the hero’s entire horse, carriage, mound of treasure and love interest in one swoop of his arms.


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