God of Punishment


Former life: Frederick Carson, son of Nuada, a janitor from Montreal, Canada.
Divine titles: The Lord of the Lash.
Alignment: Lawful Evil.

Favored weapon: Whip.
Symbol: A whip, tied in a knot.

Favored Attributes: Epic Strength, Epic Perception, Thunder, Justice.
Favored Abilities: Awareness, Crafts, Investigation, Larceny, Marksmanship, Presence.

Portfolio: Servants, Cleanliness, Punishment, the Guilty.


Carson appears as a aged man, with bags under his eyes, lines on his face and shock white hair. His hands are calloused and strong. His eyes, when he is angered, spark with electricity. His voice is loud and thunderous. His outfit, always a formal servant’s outfit though it changes from culture to culture, is always impeccably clean and perfectly pressed. There is never a wrinkle, a stain or a crease in any item of clothing on his person. His whip is perfectly curled and lays on his hip and occasionally sparks.

He is often seen with cleaning supplies and equipment and is completely obsessed with maintaining the beauty of the Divine City. He screams madly at those who dirty it and often throws them in prison, or when he allowed to, lashes them with his whip which strikes like lightning and cracks like thunder.


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