Name: Cestus, the Armored Judge.

  • Draconic Form – A monstrous dragon with massive metallic plates and spikes covering his hide. Due to his immense weight, Cestus cannot fly, despite having wings.
  • Human Form – An incredibly tall, large man, clad in thick armor with a red flowing cape.
  • Tell: Cestus maintains some of his metallic plates on his hands, chest and face.
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral.
    Habits: Cestus is a being that has taken the concept of law and the maintaing of it to an overwhelming degree. He wanders his territory, punishing those he considers guilty and demanding payment or punishment.

Lair: Cestus tends to live in abandoned fortresses, where he spends his free time counting his endless piles of gold.

Treasure: Cestus hordes gold, which is the only fine he will ever accept for committing a crime other than one of his much more brutal punishments.


Cestus is one of the more visible dragons in the world and he has been found many times throughout history, giving the adventurers a bitter fight and a large pile of his collected gold.

Formed during Ragnarok, he served as Lux’s second-in-command during the Teotl War until he failed to hold a line that she had told him to during the First Battle of the Spider’s Pass. Lux offered Cestus’ position to anyone who reclaimed the pass. The Second Battle of the Spider’s Pass is now known as the first great victory of the god now known as Recluse.


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