Azlanti God of Stories


Divine titles: The Storyteller.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.

Favored weapon: Short sword.
Symbol: A stylized coyote, made of complex red swirls.

Favored Attributes: Epic Manipulation, Animal, Artistry, Magic.
Favored Abilities: Art, Awareness, Investigation, Larceny, Occult, Stealth.

Portfolio: Stories, Thieves, Benevolence, Trickery, Kindness, Magic.

Sacrifice: Sexual and devious, Coyote prefers the sacrifice of genitalia and other reproductive organs.


Coyote, a cultural legend from before the days of the Ancient American Empire, was a legendary trickster who stole from gods and men alike. He survived Ragnarok on his guile and his lies and, according to a well-known legend, stole a legendary bow from Kumo herself before she formed the New Order. After the formation of the New Order, he was rejected from their ranks due to this past transgression, so instead he banded with the Azlanti.

Coyote normally appears as a man, dressed like one of the detectives from the ancient world with a wide-brimmed hat. As well as being tricky and cunning, Coyote also became the god of stories after the death of his friend, Anansi, and became associated with storytelling and others forms of art. He still occasionally appears as an actual coyote, though he now favors his more divine forms.


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