Davey Jones

God of the Dead


Former life: Charon, son of Nyx and formerly a minor god in the service of Hades.
Divine titles: The Ferryman, The Captain of the Damned.
Alignment: Neutral Evil.

Favored weapon: Pistol.
Symbol: A ship’s wheel, with a skull in the center.

Favored Attributes: Psychopomp, Death, Epic Manipulation, Epic Perception.
Favored Abilities: Awareness, Control, Empathy, Larceny, Marksmanship, Occult.

Portfolio: Death, Repose.


Jones appears as a skeletal pirate captain, in the traditional garb, with rotting flesh still hanging to his decaying bones. His hair and beard are a graying brown, matted into knots and often possessing some seaweed and a barnacle or two. He carries a glowing lantern that Jones uses to locate the souls of the dead in The Gray Water. According to legend, the lantern is carved out of the skull of the fallen god that Jones used to serve.

He ferries the Flying Dutchman, a massive aircraft carrier, covered in rust, seaweed and barnacles, crewed by the ghosts of those who fear to be voted on by the Council of the Gods, designed to ferry the souls of the dead to the Divine Kingdom.

He is a powerful god, whose job is to ferry the souls of the dead from the Gray Water, a depressing dimension of Jones’ own design, which serves as a holding room for the recently dead, to the Celestial City, where they are judged by the Council of the Gods. Those who fear judgment can choose to serve on the ship for one hundred years and gain their favor.

Davey Jones

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