Greater Goddess of Slavery


Former life: Comtesse Marketa Blanche de Noir, Daughter of Sobek, A wealthy daughter of old money families.
Divine titles: The Least Goddess; The Bound One
Alignment: Neutral

Favored weapon: Trident
Symbol: De’Noir’s symbol is the blank mask of obedience. While they are sometimes “prettied up” most remain a blank mask with no embellishments save sockets for seeing.

Favored Attributes: Epic Manipulation, Justice, War, Stamina, Dexterity
Favored Abilities: Athletics, Brawl, Fortitude, Integrity, Melee, Presence

Portfolio: Service, Slavery, Serfdom, Servants, Conscripts, Gladiators, Prisoners

Warrior Ideal:
De’Noir becomes the Gladiator, a spectacle warrior, donning her iconic white mask, and a barely-there chainmail bikini. Her spear twirls cinematically as she leaps and dances about. Her outfit strains, but never quite becomes indecent. Whenever she takes a hit she screams and blood spurts wildly from the wound, shocking even her attacker.


Nearly all the Gods have mutable forms. After Bethany, De’Noir is one of the most frequent shifters. Sometimes she’s a slave, barefoot and wrapped in rags and stooped from the weight of her manacles and chains. Sometimes she’s the servant, dressed in fine livery with her features immaculate. Sometimes she’s a gladiator, dressed in a flimsy chainmail bikini with a gleaming trident and net. Most times De’Noir splits herself into multiple copies that spend their time in and around heaven. Like a dutiful servant her eyes are always lowered and she speaks in soft-spoken tones. She’s one of the shortest deities in heaven, and one would need to pull out a ruler to determine that the petite woman is in fact a hair taller than Filth.

De’Noir is a busy goddess in heaven. Split into multiple copies at all times, she constantly does work around heaven and among the gods. She rarely speaks to the other greater gods accept to ask if they need anything or acknowledge their orders. De’Noir will undertake almost any task another greater god asks except one that she thinks will undermine her purview. She never makes small talk or idle conversation. If so engaged by a greater god she immediately agrees, politely, with everything the other god says until she’s dismissed. If pressed about her portfolio or told to vote or act against it she simply remains silent, not responding to the order in the slightest. Nor will she respond until the topic changes or the other god simply gives up. With the lesser and intermediate deities she treats them like servants of a lower station, she greets them politely and gives them their marching orders, but never makes idle conversation.


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