Greater God of Wealth


Former life: Raul Gamboa, Son of Ptah, International Economist.
Divine titles: The Coin Lord
Alignment: Neutral.

Favored weapon: Rapier
Symbol: 12 Golden Coins

Favored Attributes: Psychopomp, Epic Manipulation, Epic Appearance, Epic Intelligence, Epic Charisma
Favored Abilities: Craft, Larceny, Melee, Politics, Presence, Science

Portfolio: Money, Greed, Ambition, Trade, Economy, Capitalism


Dinar appears to his followers as a tall man, easily six feet, entering his early middle age. His hair is slightly graying, not old, but dignified. His mustache and beard are perfectly manicured. His clothing is of superb make, but not royal or regal, but the fine clothes a respectable businessman can earn. In the Divine City, he wears what ancient Americans would call a business suit.


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