The Guardian of Space and Time


Name: Djinn
Divine Parent: Sraosha
Calling: Guide
Nature: Architect
Physical: Strength 4XXXX, Dexterity 5XXXX, Stamina 4XXXX
Social: Charisma 5XXXX, Manipulation 5XXXX, Appearance 9XXXXXXXXX
Mental: Perception 3XXX, Intelligence 8XXXXXXXX, Wits 5XXX
Abilities: Academics 5, Animal Ken, Art 7(Architecture), Athletics 3, Awareness 3, Brawl 1, Command 3, Control 1, Empathy 2, Fortitude, Integrity 7, Investigation 4, Larceny 3, Marksmanship 1, Medicine 2, Melee, Occult 8, Politics 3, Presence 5, Stealth 3, Survival 1, Thrown
Jump: Vertical 14, Horizontal 28, Lift pounds, Move 15
HT: 0, -0, -0, -0, -1, -1, -1, -1, -2, -2, -2, -3, -4, Inc
Strength -Making it look easy, Force with finesse, Holy Rampage, Titanium Tools
Dexterity – Escape Artist, Lightning Sprinter, Lightning Flyer, Cats Grace
Extended Youth, Solipsistic Well being, Skin Shedding, Under Pressure
Charisma- Inspirational Figure, Preach On, Attention Please
Manipulation – Total Recall, Overt Order, Blurt it Out
Appearance- Blinding Visage, Bedazzling Visage, Disorienting Countenance, Divine Splendor, My Eyes are up here, Detail Variation, Undeniable Resemblance, Unusual Alteration

Perception -Hear Prayers, Sense Invocation, Perfect Pitch
Intelligence -Speed Reader, Language Mastery, Instant Translation, Perfect Memory, Compartmentalization, Math Genius, Cipher, Refuge in Logic
Wits – Instant Assessment, Meditative Focus, Lateral Thinking


Artistry- Fundamentals, Polymath, Cannibalize, Jury Rig, Speed Build, Tool of Fate

Magic- Bad Penny, Warp the Weft, Dues Ex Machina, Fateful connection, Sacred Image, Avoid a fate, Divine Seal, Weave-Sense

Mystery -10X

Psychopomp, Open Sesame, False Footsteps, Heart of the Maze, Come Along, Storm the Gates, Hand off, Rainbow Bridge, Oneiric Visit, Otherworldly Portal

Prophecy – True Nature

Sky – Sky’s Grace, Air Armor, Prismatic Presence, Flight, Obscuring Mist, Heavenly Domain

Stars – Astronomers Eye, Web of Stars, Axis of Heavens, Aurora

Virtues: Conviction 2, Expression 3, Harmony 4, Piety 3
Willpower: 8
XP: 611


D&D Portfolio
Name: Djinn
Alignment: Lawful Good
Clerical Alignments: LG, LN, NG
Portfolio: Fate, Stoneworking, Dream, Time, Construction, Architect
Domain: Air, Artifice, Knowledge, Protection (Solitude)

Sacrifice: Full of compassion, Djinn prefers the sacrifice of hearts.

Djinn is the goddess of fate, of time, and of fulfilling ones purpose in creation. A stern but caring god, she focuses her efforts on building up the Azlanti peoples and races, rather than join the rest of her pantheon in fist waving at their northern foes. Djinn is the goddess of the Gates of Space and Time, which are the Alanti dreamlands, and of monuments. Not any mere building falls under her purview, only those built to last the ages.
According to legend, she is a virgin goddess, and all the gods of the Azlanti once competed for her favor, however she declared she would only wed the god or hero who rescued Zuuma from the New Order. So far none have succeeded.

Description: Djinn takes the form of a tall and nubile woman, both lithe and voluptuous at once. Her skin is often an ethereal blue color, although she occasionally wears a more human coppery hue. She is often considered the most beautiful of the Azlanti, although her overly serious demeanor and businesslike attitude can be unsettling to those unaccustomed to her.

The bird cannot teach the fish to fly, nor can the fish teach the bird to swim. The fish that fights the stream is exhausted and miserable, but one that swims with the river is content and happy. These and a thousand other parables explain the views of Djinn, and the role the Azlanti races place on fate. The Azlanti believe in fate, in the entropy of time, and in their place in the universe. They believe that their sacrifices are necessary. They believe that they have a role to play, and that they have a specific role in the destiny of the Azlanti and the universe itself.
Djinn is the one who reads the threads of fate and determines the destinies of mortals, and guides the exceptional to their destinies.

Clergy and Temples:
The temples to Djinn are usually rather small and often located in very remote spots. They aren’t supposed to be easy to get to. Majority of Azlanti never visit a temple to Djinn. Still, she often has a shrine or two in Azlanti cities… if you know who to ask about finding one.
She prefers her temples are built to last, using stone, gold, or other enduring materials. Each temple possesses a small blue lamp. According to the stories, if someone with a sufficient destiny rubs one of these lamps, Djinn will appear and answer any three questions… or perhaps grant three wishes.
Clerics of Djinn; almost always female, are tasked to find someone of sufficient destiny, a great warrior, sage, leader, merchant… and serve that person for the rest of their lives. They follow their dreams until they are sure they’ve found their “chosen”.

Headless Horseman, El Tio- you have to understand, The Horseman and El Tio do not like each other. In fact they loathe each other with almost as much scorn as they give to the New Order, leading them to compete…. for everything. In their eyes Djinn is the ultimate prize. In hers, they alternate between being useful and annoying.
Xipe Totec- On a professional level, Xipe Totec and Djinn get along well. Both understand the necessity of sacrifice, their dogma reinforces the others, and both are far more concerned with continuing the cosmos and moving the Azlanti into a more prosperous future than the blood feud with the New Order.
Zuma- Zuma was the God of Prophecy and was Djinn’s partner and closest ally before his capture.
La Malinche- Djinn sneers and looks down on the melancholy goddess who prefers to wail over the past rather than help lead the Azlanti to a new future.
Kumo- Djinn loathes the Queen of the New Order who holds her closest confidant friend as little more than a prisoner. Still Djinn knows she can’t challenge the Supreme Goddess directly…


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