“I have 3 sisters. The broody one, the bossy one, the quiet one. One is married, one used to be married, one is too bitchy to get married. But me, I’m the one the boys actually want to meet.” – Dolphin

Dolphin is one of the 4 Oni sisters of legend. A powerful goddess of the Infinite Ocean, the largest (and still mostly unexplored) body of water on 2nd Earth. Dolphin remains a somewhat controversial figure in the New Order, despite being one of the founding members.
It is recorded by Bagheeran chroniclers that Dolphin followed her thunder wielding sister into the Teotl War and that she fought valiantly, if somewhat recklessly. Nonetheless she claimed one of the 12 founding seats of the New Order after the wars conclusion… for a time.


At a distance Dolphin could perhaps be mistaken for Kumo. Both have pale hair, light colored eyes, and an obvious familial relation. Although even a casual observation reveals the discrepancy. Kumo is tall, regal, and beatific, Dolphin is of a more average height, more voluptuous than regal, and more spontaneous than solemn. Where Kumo has eyes of moon Silver, Dolphins are the white blue of an ocean spray.
But there is something more, Dolphin is beautiful, even on a godly scale. “Her eyes draw you down into them, a riptide you can’t escape.”

Dolphin and the New Order
It is clear that Dolphin was never very comfortable with her position in the New Order, and she quickly abandoned her chair and nearly all of her duties, and remains a member of the New Order in little but name. She technically heads the office Department of Water, although her miniscule involvement has largely left the various Water Deities of 2nd Earth to their own devices. Any other deity would surely face stiff charges for such an offense, but no case has ever been brought before the Throne.

Dolphin and the Azlanti
“Gather the fruit from the farthest branches first,” – Islefolk Saying
Dolphin is not a member of the Azlanti. Yet… she is one of the few New Order gods who regularly travel to Barsoom, the home of the Azlanti Gods. Azlanti gods have also been seen visiting Dolphins home on Terra.

Dolphin and the Races of 2nd Earth.
To most of the world, Dolphin is an obscure goddess from the far end of nowhere. Powerful, but largely irrelevant to their lives. The great exceptions are Islefolk, the native folk of the uncountable islands of the west, and Goblins who revere her as one of the 9, and arguably the most important of them.

The Infinite Ocean
“Come visit again.”
At her core Dolphin is a goddess of pleasure. The Infinite Horizon is the promise that something new, exciting, wonderful, lies just beyond the Horizon, that the next island has wonders and treasures yet unseen. Many of Dolphins worshipers are island folk, fishermen, canoe makers, and the like… but these are dabblers. People who make token offerings for calm seas and plenty of fish but not from any real sense of devotion. Dolphin’s real followers are pirates, traders, sailors, explorers… those who leave home never intending to return.
On the Infinite Ocean the waves roll and spray, the wind blows, billowing sails and flapping flags, fish leap from the water in dramatic jumps. There always seems to be just one more island, there, a half shadow, merely a speck on the crystal clear horizon. The fish are bright rainbow patterns of colors, stripes and spots, and swim in schools in size beyond counting. Beaches that put the rest of the goddess of water to shame line the coasts, and smoking volcanoes bellow eternally creating new islands. The water is always warm in Dolphin’s realm.


Name: Dolphin
Divine Rank: 20
XP: 1211

Strength 4XXXX, Dexterity 7XXXXXXX, Stamina 4XXXX
Charisma 6XXXXXX, Manipulation 9XXXXXXXXX, Appearance 9XXXXXXXXX
Perception 9XXXXXXXXX, Intelligence 4XXXX, Wits 5XXXXX

Skills: Academics 1, Animal Ken 1, Art (Architecture, Culinary 1, Engineering 1, Metalsmithing, Modern, Performance Art 1, Stonework, Textiles 1, Visual Art, Woodwork 1), Athletics 2, Awareness 2, Brawl 1, Command 2, Control 5, Empathy 2, Fortitude 1, Integrity 1, Investigation 3, Larceny 8, Marksmanship 5, Medicine 1, Melee 1, Occult 1, Politics 2, Presence 5, Stealth 1, Survival 5, Thrown 1

Boons: Earth 10X, Fire 10X, Illusion 10X, Water Avatar!


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