El Tio

Azlanti God of Dirt


Divine titles: Uncle, The Goatman, The One Who Devours, Lord of Vice.
Alignment: Chaotic Evil.

Favored weapon: Javelin.
Symbol: A goat’s head.

Favored Attributes: Epic Stamina, Epic Manipulation, Death, Earth.
Favored Abilities: Command, Craft, Larceny, Presence, Stealth, Survival.

Portfolio: Dirt, Death, Earth, the Khuzkul, Alcohol, Vice.

Sacrifice: Cruel, easily amused and so tied to his hoofed people, El Tio prefers the sacrifice of feet.


The being who became known as El Tio, or the Uncle, was a surviving spirit of an ancient race now known as the Khuzkul, who were imprisoned far underground by the gods of the Ancient World. Stealthily and secretly, El Tio manipulated the humans who lived on the surface into becoming miners and digging down and down towards the Khuzkul’s forgotten cell. He patiently maintained his weakened form for eons by accepting the human’s offerings of alcohol and cigarettes. Finally, during Ragnarok, El Tio’s plan came to fruition and the Khuzkul were unleashed onto on unsuspecting world.

Now raised to godhood within the Azlanti, El Tio himself is a jovial, if ruthless, divinity. He appears as a hulking goat-man with ornately carved horns and is almost always found with a cigar in his mouth. He gains a perverse pleasure out of the suffering of others, often pouring himself a drink and enjoying their agony.

El Tio

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