Goddess of Blood


Former life: Elisabet van der Blut, daughter of Nephthys, a student from New Orleans, Louisiana.
Divine titles: The Damned Queen.
Alignment: Neutral Evil.

Favored weapon: Throwing knives.
Symbol: A swirling piece of red fabric.

Favored Attributes: Death, War, Health, Epic Appearance.
Favored Abilities: Athletics, Awareness, Fortitude, Occult, Thrown.

Portfolio: The undead, supernatural diseases, ruined cities.


Elisabet is a beautiful, inhumanly pale woman with jet-black hair, red lips and smoldering gray eyes. She holds herself with an inhuman grace and poise; every move she makes is a dance, every word she speaks, poetry. Most of the time she is found wearing black clothes and lots of red ribbons, that swirl around her perfect motion like a choreographed masterpiece.

But, behind her beauty lingers the monster that befits only the queen of vampires. It takes only a second for the fangs to come out, her eyes to glow red and her fingernails extend into gruesome claws.

She is in a passionate, self-destructive relationship with Alvar and, because of him, she often attempts to be better than she is. Her nature inevitably drags her back to blood, and more than a few ruined cities are said to be the work of one of Elisabet’s blood-fueled rampages.


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