Goddess of Hopes and Fears


Former life: Elsie Clark, daughter of an unknown divinity, a waitress from Oklahoma.
Divine titles: Dreamcatcher.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.

Favored weapon: Bow and arrow.
Symbol: A dreamcatcher.

Favored Attributes:
Favored Abilities: Athletics, Command, Empathy, Integrity, Marksmanship, Survival.

Portfolio: Dreamers, the Ambitious, the Scared.


No two people see Elsa the same way.

To some, she is divinely beautiful, rivaling even Bethany and Aquila with dark skin and smoky eyes. Each person sees, or rather experiences, her slightly differently though, depending on their own hopes: a man who desires to be rich might see her in a lavish ballgown with a golden braid strung through her hair, a man who wants to be loved might see her in extravagant lingerie and smelling like roses.

To others though, Elsa is as hideous as Filth, again based on the fears of whoever is beholding her. To a man terrified of rats, she might be a decaying woman covered in those rodent bites with hundred of the beasts scurrying between her dress. To a man terrified of heights, she might be dressed as a mountaineer, who induces a feeling of intense vertigo whenever the beholder glances at her.


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