Name: Fahmida, the Bastion of Heaven.

  • Draconic Form – A lithe, beautiful dragon with scales that sparkle like sapphires. Her wings are enormous and feathery, which spark with electricity. Her dragon’s breath, a lightning storm, can accurately hit dozens of different targets with a single blast.
  • Human Form – A calm, smallish woman with dark skin in the garb of the Order of the Panther. She notably wears a thick blue veil over her face.
  • Tell: Fahmida’s face maintains several draconic feature on her lower face, including fangs, scales and electric shocks that bounce between her teeth.
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral.
    Habits: An embodiment of Bagheera’s unbridled duty, Fahmida does almost nothing but sit in her small hut before the Gates to Heaven. She has defended the gate for millennia, making sure that none other than the gods ever pass through it. She is a brilliant and fond swordsman and likes to try and out duel her opponents before assuming her draconic form.

Lair: Fahmida maintains a small hut before the Gates of Heaven, packed with books.

Treasure: Fahmida hordes 1st edition texts, which she reads when she is alone, which is the vast majority of the time.


Fahmida is one of the legendary dragons of the New Order as well as one of the youngest. Bagheera abstained in his creation of a dragon for a long time, allowing himself to learn from his comrades’ mistakes. His single solitary dragon was created for the Teotl War, when the Azlanti were on their most successful advance and began to threaten the Gates of Heaven.

Fahmida famously fought in the Battle Before the Gates, the most decisive battle of the Teotl War. She held the battlefield’s left flank almost single-handedly allowing her creator, Bagheera, to slay Tezcatlipoca, King of the Teotl Gods, in single combat.

She has remained at the Gates ever since in order to continue her never-ending duty.


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