Falgyam 2.0


“Shelter yourselves, children of Thoth! Find peace and security from the evils of the world behind the walls that we have built for you!”

Falgyam is the Thutmosin god of walls, protection and tradition. He is the second son of Thoth and Rook. He is an honorable man and a capable warrior, known for his skilled and agile use of superheavy armor and a large steel shield as well as his great strength. He is widely considered the greatest warrior of the Thutmose and was a key player in defending Thutmosin lands during the Teotl War.

“The great wings of Falgyam spread wide, each wing lined with shining, steel plate, reflecting the light of the sun. He looked like a glowing beacon of hope, his sword and shield brandished in front of us. We saw the hordes steadily coming towards us, with the advancing Nasaroh, wielding their great maces and stomping their feet to the great rhythm of war, but none of us worried. None of us even cared. Falgyam was here. He would protect us to the bitter end.” – excerpt from Memories of War: Journal Carvings from Our Time of Loss, by various authors

According to the stories, just before Rook left for the wilderness, she gave her second son a gift – her old sword with a blade that glowed a faint shade of blue. “I have to go,” she said. “It’s your job to protect them now. Never stop protecting them, Falgyam. Promise me,” and with that, she left and was never seen again.

Since that moment, Falgyam has honored the promise he made to his mother. He took up his mother’s blade as well a great shield and has defended his family to the ends of the earth. His greatest trials came during the Teotl War, where his leadership proved vital. He, alone, withstood a ferocious assault from several dozen Tzitizimemeh – ancient Teotl spirits of stars and defeated them, successfully defending the White Garden from assault. He was severely wounded later in the war in a battle with Coyote – this wound was the trigger that made Sarkan decide to create his numerous dragons. He ultimately survived the war and continues to be a vital figure with Thutmosin theology.

Appearance: Falgyam appears as a great humanoid eagle with large and powerful wings. He is known for his shining plate armor, some of the heaviest ever constructed, and many have remarked that he resembles a heavily armored dreadnought when he marches into battle. A testament to his great strength is how Falgyam is still able to effectively and agilely fly while wearing his massive superheavy plate.

Falgyam and the Thutmose: Falgyam is worshipped as one of the key figures of the Thutmose, along with his brothers, Sarkan and Tuzel. However, since, unlike the New Order, the Thutmose are worshipped as a cohesive family unit, his wealth is not greater than any of the other gods in that pantheon. In honor of him, the Thutmose build great walls around their mountaintop cities, often carved with images of Falgyam and his family. Those few Thutmosin who seek out a warrior’s life tend to join warrior orders devoted to the ideals of Falgyam, such as the Order of the Silver Wing and the Order of the Sharpened Feather.

Falgyam, the Watchful Eye:
“This is what has always been. This is what is. This is what will always be.” – inscription on the Great Walls of Talladore, along with the engraved image of Falgyam defending the city
More than just a god of protecting the Thutmosin people, Falgyam also takes on the role of defending tradition. The Thutmose are a proud people, ones who take the old ways very seriously and Falgyam has become the champion of defending the old ways and opposing modern change and many of the newer ideas that are coming into the Thutmose during their current cultural crisis. Many New Order scholars believe that the Thutmose’s devotion to Falgyam is what has allowed their culture to maintain many outdated beliefs, clearly proven to be false, such as the fact that men are the gender better suited for leadership.

Legendary Artifacts:

  • Frostspike, Slayer of Stars: The blade given to Falgyam by his mother just before her disappearance. It is a heavy broadsword, meant to wielded with both hands, but Falgyam only uses one.

Falgyam 2.0

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