God of Conflict


Former life: Kristoff Toksvig, son of Thor, twin to Erik Toksvig, born for the war.
Divine titles: The Rage of Man.
Alignment: Chaotic Evil.

Favored weapon: Battleaxe.
Symbol: A clawed hand, dripping blood from its fingernails.

Favored Attributes: Epic Strength, Epic Dexterity, Epic Stamina.
Favored Abilities: Brawl, Fortitude, Melee, Presence, Survival, Thrown.

Portfolio: Anger, Warriors, Rage, Blood, War.


Most of the time, Fight looks like a perfectly normal boy in his mid-to-late teens. As an identical twin, he looks completely identical to his brother, Flight, in every way. They even dress similarly and only the most perceptive of men can tell them apart by looks alone.

But, then conflict comes. Adrenaline floods him system, and he morphs… His muscles ripple and distort, he grows immensely in size, his bones turn into spikes and break through his skin, his teeth elongate, his hair turns into sharp needles, his hands stretch as his nails crack and burst into feral claws… He becomes the most horrific of monsters that makes even the gods quake in fear or disgust.


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