Greater God of Filth


Former life: Benyamin Ghannam, demigod of Yama, a homeless man from Queens, New York.
Divine titles: The Hideous, The Diseased, The Despised.
Alignment: Chaotic Evil.

Favored weapon: Dagger.
Symbol: A partially bisected skull.

Favored Attributes: Health, Death, Epic Intelligence, Epic Stamina, Epic Appearance.
Favored Abilities: Academics, Craft, Fortitude, Medicine, Occult, Presence.

Portfolio: Disease, Death, Healing.


Filth is a man of darker skin, who seems to be inflicted with every disease the world has to offer him. His hair has all but fallen out, with scraggly grey bits hanging from his head and chin; his skins is covered with hideous, oozing pustules; his eyes are misshapen and weep blood; his hands and feet are contorted and deformed; his teeth and nails are stained yellow and hang loose. Worse, he stands very short with a back so hunched that it nearly levels with the top of his head and his smell is so foul that even the hardiest of noses recoils. Worse still, insects surround him – they swarm around him, often crawling across his face and hands. Often, a boil will burst and a new stream of roaches and flies crawl out. He is, by every account of every culture, simply vile to look at.

And yet, every sick person worships him devoutly; even the healthy or cautious will drop in a prayer or two to Filth for when sickness inevitably comes. Some believe that Filth is the one that causes the disease in the world; others believe he is the only god who cares enough to fight against the relentless march of disease. In some of the more martial cultures, Filth is feared above all since he denies warriors their glorious death on the battlefield. Regardless, time and faith has proven that Filth is better than any when it comes to curing the sick, and of course, in inflicting those same horrors.

As opposed to the other gods, whose powers and influence remain relatively constant, Filth tends to wax and wane depending on the health of the mortal world at large. When a particularly ravenous plague is chewing up the world, Filth is at his most powerful and influential.


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