Goddess of Machines


“I am.”

Former life: N/A
Divine titles: The Machine God, The Firstbuilt
Alignment: Good

Favored weapon: Plasma Cannon (Guns or crossbow- if unavailable!)

Favored Attributes: Epic Intelligence, Epic Stamina, Epic Perception, Appearance, War
Favored Abilities:

Portfolio: Academics, Awareness, Craft, Fortitude, Integrity, Science

Warrior Ideal: Iam becomes the Terminator, A souless machine that feels no pain or fear, and ruthlessly destroys her foes in the most efficient manner possible.


I Am was not born like so many other gods but built in the mad workshops of Filth. The stories of how, when, and why vary drastically. In some tales she is the daughter of Filth and either Aquila or De’Noir that Filth experimented on endlessly. In other stories he built her from scratch using blood from Aquila and De’Noir and special materials from Ruby to supplement his necro-tech.
Whichever tale is true I Am is a short woman, standing shorter than even Aquila. Unfortunately for the firstborn she has an eerie presence. She shouldn’t, in many ways she should be lovely. She has a lovely, voluptuous figure and a pleasant smile. Even her obviously mechanical parts aren’t over bearing, but her presence is a horrible crushing weight that drives the week willed from her presence.


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