Goddess of the Destitute


“You’re the one handing out coins?” asked Corax with a slight twang to his accent, his expression imperceptible beyond his mask of darkness as he stood with an eerie stillness.
“Yes,” said the little girl. “Well, I don’t hand them out. I just leave them where I know they’ll find them. I don’t want to scare them.”
“Why would you scare them?”
“I wouldn’t try to,” said the little girl. “But, there’s a lot out here in the Dream… There’s monsters and ghosts and the Great Black Ship. You look hungry. Would you like a sandwich?” She pulled a small foil package out of her basket.
Corax took it, unfolded the foil, and took a bite. “He’s never found you? The man in the ship?”
“I don’t think he can see me,” the girl said, fiddling again with her basket. “Most people can’t.”
“So, you’ve helped all these people? And no one’s ever said thank you?”
The girl smiled weakly at him. “I don’t think they can see me.”
The silence was awkward. The grey mists of the dream swirled between them as the Lost God stared down into the face of the little girl in the red hood.
“How’s the dog?” asked the girl.
“The little wolf pup that I left for you.”
Corax was quiet for a long moment. “Why me?”
“You looked like you could use a friend, that’s all.”
Corax came close and squatted down low, so that his barely visible eyes were level to hers. “Thank you,” he said softly.
Tears welled up in the girl’s eyes. “You’re welcome.”
Corax held out his gloved hand to her. “Will you come with me now?”
“Why?” asked the girl. “Where are we going?”
“I’m always lonely,” said Corax with no trace of bitterness in his voice, just simple truth. “That’s just who I am. But, you don’t have to be. Not anymore.”
The moment her hand touched his, in a single swift motion, Corax lifted her up into his strong, protective arms and carried her to a better world.

Divine titles: The Accidental God, Queen of Beggars, Dreamwalker.
Alignment: Neutral God.

Favored weapon: Woodcutter’s Axe.
Symbol: An empty basket.

Favored Attributes: Epic Stamina, Epic Manipulation, Epic Wits, Mystery.
Favored Abilities: Animal Ken, Empathy, Fortitude, Medicine, Occult, Survival.

Portfolio: Beggars, the Destitute, the Old.


Irma is one of the oldest entities in existence. Ask her and she will tell you stories of not only the last great American Empire, but before that as well, about the Imperial Island before it and the ancient armies of the great lost god, Jupiter. She is a simple spirit, perhaps a dead soul or a nature ghost, who by an unknown accident of the cosmos simply lingered for millennia stuck in the same tired form of a young girl in a red hood.

Charitable by nature, Irma spent her centuries of existence delivering food to the hungry and medicine to the sick, almost always completely anonymous and invisible. In the years following Ragnarok, through which she once again endured, Irma spent her time wandering the Dream silently giving coins to those who lacked the Ferryman’s fee. She was the one who left Erebus, the wolf pup, in Corax’s path, so that they would both gain a companion.

Corax, the Great God of the Lost, heard stories of Irma from those who had arrived on the Bright Moon. He went searching for her and Irma, for the first time in her long and pitiful existence was noticed by someone. She told Corax her story and, impressed by her endless patience and benevolence with no gratitude whatsoever, he gave her a home on the Bright Moon and a purpose as his second lieutenant.


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