Irma 2.0

Goddess between Waking and Dreaming


“Eventually our souls met for we both belong to darkness.”

The bride of Corax is a little known deity to those of second earth. Corax is the god of the Unseen moon, the hidden paths that lead to all places, and all things lost or forgotten. Davy Jones is the Lord of Dream, the ferryman who takes the departed from Second Earth to the Bright Moon for judgement. Irma flits between these purviews. The goddess of those who stray too far into dreaming, of those who die for brief moments yet return to life, and keeper of the gates to the between Dream and Wake.

“Maybe you have to know the light before you can appreciate the darkness.”
Irma has left little evidence of her passing through the ages, and scholars are somewhat conflicted about her cult. While some scholars (usually arguing sources from the defunct lowland kingdom of Leirn, sadly lost to rampaging warherds during the Teotl Wars) claim that Irma predates Ragnarok due to certain quotes and passages referencing her involvement in the old American Empire and even the court of the ancient god Jupiter. Other scholars argue that quoting sources that can in turn only cite lost lore cannot stand true history. These most learned sages suggest that she must have been a Goddess post Ragnarok, for she is oft cited as the goddess who raised Filth, and his birth and proceedings are oft detailed in Luxian records.

Her involvement with Corax seems to begin long before the couple were actually married and she is frequently stated to be the one who found the last remaining pup of Fenrir and gave it as a gift to Corax. Since Erebus is thought to have been present during the birth of Filth, this certainly ties her story to his long before their marriage. Whether their marriage is a loving one is a matter of some debate among scholars. Certainly, Irma is devoted to her husband of that there is little doubt, but whether Corax is devoted to his new bride is more difficult to say. Certainly the birth of Elisabet complicates matters, as does Corax’s continued carrying of Astra, a blade given to him by his first wife, Lux.

Irma and the New Order
“The worst feeling is to be ignored by someone you consider precious”
When it comes to gauging the relative importance of a deity, theologians tend to use three scales. First is the deity’s position in the labyrinth bureaucracy of the New Order, or their prominence in other, heretical organizations. Second is the strength of their presence on second earth, both in terms of their portfolio and their historic involvement with mortals. The third, and least quantifiable, is their relationship with other gods. Irma holds an incredibly trifling post in the Bureau of Humanity (Department of Abstractions: Office of Abandoned Thoughts), and a somewhat obscure office in the Bureau of Dreams and Passings (Director, Department of Waking). Obscure… but powerful. Her position as the deputy of the Bureau of Dreams leaves her second only to Davy Jones, and one of the most important secondary gods of the New Order.

As previously stated, Irma is the wife of Corax and the adopted mother of Filth, Elisabet, and Erebus. Certainly, Erebus is hugely fond of Irma (there are very few depictions of Irma that do not also include Erebus), and Elisabet is fond of her also. Filth is typically rude and vulgar whenever asked of her, though his relationship with his stepmother is generally considered to be better than the one with both of his birth parents. These connections grant her considerable inroads into the Bureaus of Humanity and Seasons, though her hugely negative relationship with Lux and her retainers means that she uses these connections with trepidation. Most scholars acknowledge that Irma is an important and connected goddess, despite her lack of presence and consistent worship on Second Earth.
“Someone once told me to be careful. You might cut yourself trying to fix a broken person. So much blood and you don’t dare stop!”

Irma and those of Second Earth:
“I see now that everything dies, even memories”
While her standing in heaven is notable, Irma is generally only known to serious theologians on Second Earth. She is a rumor – ancient lines in dead tongues in forgotten books. Since gods draw wealth from their connection to the mortal plane and the fervor and rituals the ensouled races extol them, it is likely she is a notably poor deity compared to other of her standing. Given their odd relationship with Corax, orcs are more likely to be aware of Irma, yet less likely to be willing to talk about her. Since orcs don’t talk about Corax unless pressed, there are even fewer orcs who are going to let the God of Shadows think they’re planning to go after his woman – that’s just bad juju. Elves have a meaningful relationship with Irma and are probably her most consistent source of worship – they see dreams as glimpses of possibilities and something that connects their race despite the vast distances between them and many thank Irma whenever they have a particularly memorable dream.

Legendary Artifacts:

  • Ceaseless Slumber: A woodman’s axe capable of cutting the soul away from the Sea of Dreams. Irma uses this axe to rescue souls who become embroiled with the sea, cutting away the strands that keep them trapped in their endless sleep.

Name: Irma
Divine Rank: 13
Legend: 12
Alignment: Neutral Good

XP: 662

Strength 7XXXXXXX, Dexterity 4XXXX, Stamina 4XXXX
Charisma 7XXXXXXX, Manipulation 7XXXXXXX, Appearance 5XXXXX
Perception 7XXXXXXX, Intelligence 4XXXX, Wits 8XXXXXXXX

Skills: Academics 2, Animal Ken 1, Art (Architecture, Culinary, Engineering, Metalsmithing, Modern, Performance Art 1, Stonework, Textiles 1, Visual Art 1, Woodwork), Athletics 5, Awareness 5, Brawl 1, Command, Control 2, Empathy 5, Fortitude 1, Integrity 2, Investigation 3, Larceny 2, Marksmanship 1, Medicine 1, Melee 5, Occult 1, Politics 1, Presence 2, Stealth 8, Survival 2, Thrown

Purviews: Darkness 8X, Guardian 7X, Psychopomp 8X, Mystery 7X

Irma 2.0

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