Islemaker 2.0

Dragon of Dolphin


Name: Islemaker
• Draconic Form- An explosive monster of smoke, magma, and ash. Sulfur permeates the air and moisture dissolves in the presence of Islemaker, Dread Dragon of the West. Because his somewhat dubious nature as both a solid being and a gas, his size is somewhat difficult to gauge.
• Human Form
o Tell- Islemaker has dark skin, with veins that run magma red. His body is completely absent hair.
Habits: While it would be easy to call Islemaker stupid or simplistic, He is in fact simply incredibly driven. His only desire is to make new islands for the Wonderful Dolphin to look upon. He loathes anything that stops him in his quest.
Lair: Islemaker sleeps in ruined volcanoes, and mountains, he prefers lairs on islands, but has been known to claim them beneath the waves of the Infinite Ocean.
Treasure: When Islemaker bursts forth from the sea, causing volcanic eruptions of enormous scale, rare gems from deep below the surface are often pulled forth. He finds these stones to possess a fascinating beauty.
Powers: A dragon of Earth, Lava, smoke, and ash. His presence pollutes the air and causes the ground to shake in dread. From his great mouth, which can swallow a carriage whole, he can spew forth a stream of magma. His touch is corrosive and searing, and even a casual brush from this beast can destroy a wooden hulled vessel.
History: Islemaker is recognized as a somewhat cycle driven dragon. He wakes, wanders the west creating islands and causing all kinds of havoc for a decade or so. Then finds a dormant volcano, curls up and goes to sleep for a few score years, then wakes up and repeats the process. While some dragons are somewhat benevolent to mortal races, Islemaker at best ignores them or attacks on sight.
During the Teotl War Islemaker journeyed east to the lands of the southern continent… and arguably caused more devastation than any other Dragon during a time when numerous such beasts prowled the world. Goblins of the Infinite Ocean carefully track his movements and record his sleep/waking cycle.


Islemaker 2.0

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