Greater Goddess of the Bright Moon


Former life: Kumo Kaminari no Yama, daughter of Raiden of the Kami,
Divine titles: The True Goddess of the Harmonious Path, The Heavenly Sky, Her Most Divine Majesty, Lady of the Bright Moon, Lady of the Lake
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Favored weapon: Longbow
Symbol: Lightning bolt with a moon backdrop

Favored Attributes: Thunder, Moon, Epic Perception, Epic Strength, Epic Charisma, Epic Dexterity
Favored Abilities: Academics, Athletics, Command, Markmanship, Poltics, Presence

Portfolio: Bright Moon, Pantheon, Order, Rule, Civilization, Society, Tradition, Motherhood


Avatar: When Kumo appears before mortals it’s as a tall woman, not oversized, but just tall enough that her viewer will regard her as tall. She has elaborately done dark hair, vested in the full divine Regalia appropriate to the Queen of Heaven. Divinely beautiful, but not as flamboyant as Bethany or Lilac. Her beauty is subdued, stately, and magnificent; she is as grand and eloquent as only the Queen of Heaven can be. The great exception to this is her eyes, twin pale orbs that echo hauntingly of the Bright Moon. In the Empire of Cago she wears the finest robes with each layer of fabric embroidered with lunar diamonds and her face paint is made from the finest stardust. To the ten thousand tribes of Great Kess she wears the furs of the dread Jaberwocki and her jewelry is the bones of ancient leviathan and the great monsters of the Deep Dark.


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