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“What is the power of lightning without the roar of thunder?”

Born in the Infinite West, Kumo Kaminari No Yama (Translated from islespeak into: Thunder Cloud of the Mountains… although several other translations are possible, including Ceiling of Mountain Thunder. While the latter translation has fallen out of favor it can be found in several sources dating from the Teotl War) one of the four sisters. She is sometimes called the eldest, although given that all four were born on the same night this is impossible to verify.
While there are several stories of her birth, there are commonalities. She is the daughter of the ancient kami Ama no Uzume and Raiden (or possibly Fujin). And neither deity long survived her birth, though the reasons change tale to tale.
During the Long Night Kumo seemed content to stay in the West, a goddess of storms to the simple Island Folk, and she and her sisters were largely ignored by the squabbling other pantheons.
The Teotl War ended her isolation and thrust her into the forefront of history. The War waged for some time before her involvement, but when the Teotl looked to the West she routed them. Not content to wait she pressed them, and gods, mortals, and beasts of legend flocked to her banner. Soon she was at the forefront of what would come to be called the Ever Victorious Army.
It was Anzo and Bagheera who pressed her to end the era of anarchy and conflicting pantheons forever, uniting most of the world under her banner, under her throne. So began the New Order.

“Children of second Earth, Humans, Dwarves, and all that slither, swim, fly or walk beneath the moons hear me! I declare the Teotl Wars at end, with the might of my Ever Victorious Army I have shattered the heart of their Black Garden, and laid low their Iron Lords and Warmongers. That is my gift to you. Your gift to me shall be devotion to my New Order.” – Kumo Kaminari addressing all the peoples of the world, marking the beginning of the Age of Heroes.

Kumo is a distant goddess, rarely does she directly intervene with 2nd Earth, and as far as recognized scholars can tell she has not appeared on 2nd Earth since the close Age of Heroes, and even in that age when gods freely walked the world there are only two recognized appearances by the Queen of Heaven.
Still her appearances were incredibly public and her image has been transcribed across thousands of different sources making her one of the most widely recognizable gods. Her eyes are pale moon silver and her skin a reflection the Bright Moon. Her hair is constantly in motion with arcs of lightning keeping the follicles moving.
Although she never spoke to Lester Matteson (one of only 2 of the 12 gods that chose to never meet him), she seemed to be a favorite conversation of his, nearly an obsession. His six thousand page tome devotes nearly eight hundred pages to the Queen of Heaven; almost double that of any other God, Elemental, or Dragon. He interviewed almost all the gods he spoke to about her, and provides a wealth of details… even if some of them would seem to deserve less time than others.

“She does not deign to walk on the surface. She rides atop a storm cloud, wielding a lance of arcing lightning, her voice booms across a battlefield clear over even the most violent racket.” – Lester Matteson.
Part of his obsession seemed to be understanding her relationship to the Earth itself and he fixated on the fact that she refused to walk upon it. He references dozens accounts of her flying, floating, hovering, or even riding everything from Dragons, to clouds, to a giant cat but he could find no recorded mention of her on the ground.

Kumo and the Races of 2nd Earth
Since the founding of the New Order, Kumo has taken considerable efforts to show no particular favoritism to any one race, and to provide all the races with equal opportunities to succeed. While all races acknowledge the authority and Divine Mandate of the Queen of Heaven, only Dwarves have wholeheartedly embraced her, designing their own Earthly Empire in her name and image.

Kumo Lunar Goddess of Heaven and the New Order
The Queen of Heaven focuses most of her energy on balancing heavens monolithic bureaucracies and the various infighting that occurs between the competing organizations. It is an important thing to remember that at the start of the Teotl War, no one intended for there to be a New Order. It grew from a cult of personality around the greatest goddess of the world, and a desperate desire to avoid another Teotl War. Moreover, the New Order began as a Coalition of widely different independent gods and pantheons, many of whom had fundamentally different ideas about how the universe should work and the New Order is a compromise government built to satisfy as many different parties as possible.
The New Order is not as efficient as it could be. There is plenty of bureaucratic overlap, and sloppy placements of responsibilities and offices of various functions are organized in ways that make no sense to mortals. Kumo spends most of her time serving as the adjudicating observer to much of the New Orders infighting, a service her clergy often mirrors on 2nd Earth.
There is one notable exception to this. Calibration. A week-long event that takes place between two years (after a year has ended but before the next has begun. Nobody is willing to start a New Year without her majesties approval.) Where the Stormbringer takes a spiritual retreat. Gods become notably free in their duties, some take vacations, others make notable abuses of their position, and a small few desperately try to keep order. Unsurprisingly things can become slightly bizarre during Calibration on 2nd Earth with most cultures holding massive festivals, feasts, or other events.

Kumo Goddess of Thunder
Outside the Islands of the Infinite Ocean thunder and lightning are a rare occurrence, and any such event always draws significant Theological study. Sometimes for years after, who and what was struck? What time? What occurred surrounding the structure or person that led to the striking? The modern Theological consensus is that- “while being hit by lightning is clearly a bad sign, hearing thunder is likely a positive omen.”

Kumo Goddess of War
Kumo was the General of the Ever Victorious Army, and remains a goddess of War. While mortals occasionally seek her favor, she remains distant and silent, causing a vast majority of warriors to favor other gods of battle. Still, there are warrior orders and martial courts dedicated to the Goddess of Thunder… even if they are often more prestigious than practical.

Artifacts of Legend
• World Orb
• Gory Crescent


Name: Kumo
Divine Rank: 20

XP: 1217
Strength 9XXXXXXXXX, Dexterity 9XXXXXXXXX, Stamina 8XXXXXXXX
Charisma 10XXXXXXXXXX, Manipulation 2XX, Appearance 5XXXXX
Perception 4XXXX, Intelligence 8XXXXXXXX, Wits 4XXXX

Skills: Academics 2, Animal Ken, Art (Architecture 1, Culinary, Engineering, Metalsmithing, Modern, Performance Art, Stonework 1, Textiles 1, Visual Art, Woodwork), Athletics 5, Awareness 1, Brawl 1, Command 5, Control 1, Empathy 2, Fortitude 2, Integrity 8, Investigation 2, Larceny, Marksmanship 1, Medicine 1, Melee 5, Occult 1, Politics 3, Presence 5, Stealth 1, Survival 1, Thrown 4

Boons: Moon 10X, Sky 10X, Thunder Avatar!

Courage: 4
Expression: 1
Harmony: 4
Order: 5

Kumo 2.0

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