La Malinche

Azlanti Goddess of Betrayal


Also known as: La Llarona.

Divine titles: The Weeping Widow, The Woman in White.
Alignment: Neutral.

Favored weapon: Crossbow.
Symbol: A crying face.

Favored Attributes: Epic Appearance, Epic Wits, Water, Frost.
Favored Abilities: Art, Brawl, Empathy, Larceny, Occult, Presence.

Portfolio: Love, Rivers, Betrayal.

Sacrifice: The weakest of the Azlanti divines, La Malinche prefers the sacrifice of ring fingers. She is unique in the fact that most of her clerics have undergone this sacrifice and have survived it.


In the Old World, La Malinche was a kind woman who betrayed her country for a man, who ultimately forsook her love and betrayed her. Her grief was so immense that she drowned her own children in a river in order to prove her love for him; the nymphs of the river were so appalled by her acts that they cursed her and she became La Llarona, a legendary water elemental who attacked and drowned her victims, mostly children. The river nymphs died during Ragnarok and as their magic broke, La Malinche regained a lot of her sanity and sense of self, but retained some of her abilities. She mastered her newfound divinity with a young woman called Natalya Mills with whom she fell in love and they joined the Azlanti together. After Natalya betrayed the Azlanti, La Malinche resigned herself to her miserable fate of being always alone and claimed Natalya’s place as the Azlanti Goddess of Water.

La Malinche always appears as a beautiful young woman, wearing a white dress, which is normally soaked through from her nearly constant tears. Some Azlanti make the distinction between the contradicting side of her personality by calling her benevolent aspects – life-bringing water, the desire for happiness and love – La Malinche, and referring to her malevolent aspects – murder, betrayal, suffering – as La Llarona.

La Malinche

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