Goddess of Plenty


“Once upon a time there was a warrior, a hero, a divine champion. Through all the horrors of Ragnarok, she fought, and fought, and fought, and tried so hard to save mankind, but she always failed. Ragnarok had few true victories for anyone. When the dust settled and the age of terror ended she was heartbroken. She’d fought so hard, for so long, and what had she accomplished? The World was a ruin filled with wastelands and deserts; even mankind was a remnant of a remnant with less than a percent of a percent of mankind left.
It was Greenbeard who found the goddess weeping in the Desert of Bleached Bones. The Jovial Giant said little, just gave the wee lass a hug and listened. When she finished he told her the truth. Soldiers were pointless in the grand scheme of things. The world needed forests, and farms, and furry little creatures, and people. The War was done the God said, and it was time for the gods and men and the entire world to rebuild. The Goddess, feeling hope for the first time in ages, thrust her famed sword into a nearby stone (“in case someone else needed it” she said) and discarded her armor. The warrior was gone, and Lilac Goddess of Plenty was born.” – Book of Green, Author Unknown

Divine Titles: Goddess of Growth, the Cuckoldry, The Goddess of Plenty
Alignment: Good

Name: Lilac
Calling: Fertility Goddess
Nature: Naturalist
Physical: Strength 10XXXXXXXXXX, Dexterity 10XXXXXXXXXX, Stamina 10XXXXXXXXXX
Social: Charisma 4XXX, Manipulation 5XXXX, Appearance 8XXXXXXXX
Mental: Perception 8XX, Intelligence 2, Wits 3XX
Abilities: Academics, Animal Ken 2, Art, Athletics 10, Awareness 2, Brawl 10, Command 2, Control 1, Empathy 2, Fortitude 5, Integrity 5, Investigation 1, Larceny, Marksmanship 1, Medicine, Melee 3, Occult 2, Politics 1, Presence 3, Stealth 5, Survival 7, Thrown
Jump: Vertical, Horizontal, Lift 1 Ton, Move
o Crushing Grip, Divine wrath, Disfiguring Attack, One Inch Punch, Flick
o Holy Bound
o Titanium Tools, Empowered Deflection, Legendary Parry
o Uplifting Might
o And the Crowd Goes Wild, Roll With It
o Cats Grace, Divine Balance, Untouchable Opponent
o Monkey Climber, Spider Climber
o Escape Artist
o Lightning Sprinter
o OmniDexterity
o Under Pressure
o Inner Furnace, Devourer
o Solipsistic Well Being
o Self-Healing, Regeneration
o Damage Conversion, Divine Damage Conversion, Unbreakable
o Extended Youth
o Hapless Cool, Theme Music
o Charmer
o Gods Honest, Takes One to Know One
o Rumor Mill, Trendsetter
o My Eyes Are Up Here, Detail Variation, Undeniable Resemblance, Unusual Alteration
o Subliminal Warning, Environmental Awareness
o Instant Assessment, Instant Investigator

Boons: Animal, Earth, Fertility, Psychopomp, War
Animal (Land Animals)
o X- Animal Communication
o 2X- Animal Obedience
o 3X- Call of the Wild
o X- Safely Interred
o 2X-Tectonic Strength
o 3X- Summoning
o X-Gaia’s Touch
o 2X-Pheremones
o 3X- Bless Harvest/ Curse Crops
o 4X- Natural Camouflage
o 5X- Dormant Memory
o 6X- Accelerate Growth
o 7X- Verdant Creation
o 8X- Eternal Bloom
o 9X- Impossible Hybrid
o X-Hero’s Herald
o 2X- Expanded Awareness
o 3X- Flash of Foresight
o 4X- Hero of Fate
o 5X- Fates Foretold
o 6X- Tragic Flaw
o 7X- Grip of Fate
o X- Blessing of Bravery
o 2X- Battle Cry
o 3X- Warrior Ideal

Virtues: Order 1, Expression 2, Harmony 4, Courage 4
Willpower: 8
Legend: 8
XP: 756


Avatar: Lilac is a curious blend of man, elf, dwarf, serpentfolk, orc, halflings and the wild. She has plump, rolling hips made for child bearing and a full bosom, actually two pairs of breasts. Her features are sylvan with a mischievous smile, animalistic orange eyes, an elongated tongue, extended grasping nails wild untamed hair, catlike ears, and nine fox tails. When she bothers dressing she wears a simple peasant’s frock, designed to be easily discarded and is always barefoot. In homage to Greenbeard she has a pair of onyx antelope horns.

Lilac has little in the way of formal teachings or prayers, people call on her for good harvests, healthy and numerous livestock, and for help conceiving. For most people in farming towns or small villages Lilac is famous for the sheer number of stories about her. The Goddess of Growth and Fertility she constantly fornicates with farmers, old widowers, livestock, and even trees and other plants. In addition to her sexual activities Lilac is a horrible snoop and a gossip who can’t keep a secret. Thankfully she’s none too bright and in the stories the clever village girl always outsmarts the goddess.

Lilac is also the patron of sports and athletics, wrestlers and athletes often pray to her.

Unsurprisingly given her nature, Lilac has a true horde of children and little time to raise them. Often she leaves her newborns with a barren couple (or on rare occasions with the father). If the child is the spawn of an animal she leaves it in a barn, with a domestic herd, or out in the wild, and if it’s a plant she leaves it in a field, forest, or garden.


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