Lux 2.0


“She walked into the Titan Lights, and I wished to be half so brave.”- Corax of Ragnarok

Lux: Lux is the goddess of the noonday sun, the solar zenith, unblemished light… and unblemished character. She does not abide cowardice, softness, or weakness.
“You are not free whose liberty is won by the courage of other, more righteous souls. You are merely protected.”- Luxian Heliophant

Lux is widely regarded to be an older deity, and one of the few living deities who are commonly acknowledged as survivors of Ragnarok. Evidence of Pre-New Order cults in her image and name can be found dating into the Early Long Night, and by the Teotl War she and her husband Corax formed a dualistic pantheon that was prominent in what is currently called the Highlands.
Given the age of her cults, it is unsurprising to most scholars that many Luxian traditions have wound their way into ‘neutral’ New Order practices and customs. However many of her churches, especially elder traditions found among Dwarves and Highlanders often dip into what more centralist New Order teachings would consider heretical lines of dogma and practice.

Appearance: There are many beautiful goddesses and each is unique. Kumo is regality uncompromised, Bethany overwhelming in her passion, Aquila sublime in her perfection, Lilac oozing animalistic sensuality… Lux is a more radiant beauty. “Her hair and eyes are the colorlessness of pure light” writes Lord Matteson, the serpentfolk text Of the Heavens claims it is impossible to put a color to her flesh as “the ambient light intensifies in her presence, torches flare, fireplaces become infernos, and it is all you can do to shield your eyes from her luminescent flawlessness.”
Of almost constant mention in any text describing the Breaker of the Heliopause, is her gaze. So frequently is the completeness of her sight mentioned that ‘Lux’s gaze’ has become a common term for both the overwhelming heat of the noontime sun, and the certainty of the wrath of the righteous.

Lux and the New Order: Lux is a powerful Goddess. Certainly the mightiest of the three Solar Deities. So powerful she could not be ignored in the early days of the New Order and the rages of the Teotl War. Lux is a popular goddess, and even in lands where she isn’t beloved she is respected, or at least acknowledged as a necessary evil. Yet her position in the New Order is somewhat tumultuous.
Though she holds one of the 12 great seats of the New Order, she has little authority in the halls of its labyrinth bureaucracy. She heads a relatively minor office in the Bureau of Humanity (The Office of Justice is a relatively low level office in the Department of Abstractions, overshadowed by concepts such as family, memory, gambling, etc), and is a somewhat senior member of the Bureau of Seasons as befitting a goddess of light and noon… but in that pit of Aquilan anarchy seniority matters much less than politic infighting skills and backroom dealing.
Moreover Lux rose to prominence in an age of darkness and anarchy. She does not like compromise, weakness, or waste… often attitudes other deities like Kumo, Anzo, and Bagheera are willing to allow in the name of peace. Scholars agree that while Lux is a member of the Gods of Law she is likely the member least attached to the group as a whole.

Lux and the Races of 2nd Earth: Lux demonstrates little outward racism and has clerics and priests of every race on 2nd Earth.
Serpentfolk, Dwarves, Orcs: Luxian influence radiates most strongly with these three races. When they have problems, they deal with them… and that’s the core value of Luxian Dogma. She wishes orcs were a little more organized, Serpentfolk a little less bureaucratic, and Dwarves… actually Dwarves are just about right.
Humans: Lux does well with Levians, Highlanders, Keshians, and Southlanders, is a little ambivalent on Midlanders and Lowlanders, and actively dislikes Islelanders. She’s surprisingly neutral on the subject of Azlanti.
Halflings, Goblins: Luxian Dogma finds halflings far too willing to turn the other cheek, and Goblins far too petty. Goblins make elaborate punishments out of small crimes or misdeeds, but rarely put much effort into stopping larger ones… when they don’t outright celebrate them.
Elves: No other race laughs so hard at honor and is so willing to forget maliciousness.

Lux, Goddess of War:
“Burn.”- Luxian Battlecry
Like many deities Lux is a warrior goddess. While she is not counted among the greatest of them, she is no stranger to battlefields. Bagheera is a god of officers and armies. Noire the patron of dutiful soldiers. Lux is not, and has never been a goddess of soldiering. Like Aquila and Corax she harkens back to older traditions. She is a fiery and ruthless goddess of warriors. The warrior elite, who stride into battle full of pride, zeal, and hate, striking down all before them because they are righteous and their foes are not.
In the modern age Lux has found a place on the battlefield as a patron of Knightly Orders and other more esoteric warrior brotherhoods. Some examples include: The Heliomantic Warlocks, The Knights Solar.

Lux Goddess of Justice:
“Everything should end in an unimaginable fire.”
Lux is an exacting goddess of rightness. She cannot abide corruption, or criminals, and is a favored deity among law enforcement, executioners, and such. She is a widely respected goddess across cultures and although her active worshipers in any area are usually few, they are also consistent.

Legendary Artifacts

  • Sol Eternal: A towering Golden shield that is as immovable as the sun on defense, and as blinding on the offense.

Name: Lux, Avatar of the Noonday sun
XP: 999
Divine Rank: 18
Theme Song: Fight song- Rachel Platten

Strength 8XXXXXXXX, Dexterity 5XXXXX, Stamina 6XXXXXX
Charisma 5XXXXX, Manipulation 3XXX, Appearance 8XXXXXXXX
Perception 10XXXXXXXXXX, Intelligence 3XXX, Wits 3XXX

Skills: Academics 2, Animal Ken, Art (Architecture 2, Culinary, Engineering 1, Metalsmithing, Modern, Performance Art, Stonework, Textiles, Visual Art, Woodwork), Athletics 4, Awareness 5, Brawl 2, Command 2, Control 2, Empathy 5, Fortitude 2, Integrity 5, Investigation 3, Larceny 2, Marksmanship 1, Medicine, Melee 5, Occult 1, Politics 2, Presence 5, Stealth 1, Survival 1, Thrown 1

Boons: Fire 10X, Guardian 5X, Justice 10X, Sun Avatar!, War 5X
Legend: 12

Strength: Titanium Tools, Legendary Parry, Empowered Deflection, Uplifting Might, Atlas Holy rampage, Divine Rampage, Armor Crusher
Dexterity: Microscopic Precision, Whirlwind Shield, Perfect Partner, Lightning Sprinter, Fast As Thought
Stamina: Damage Conversion, Divine Damage Conversion, Unbreakable, Extended Youth, Raise Your Glass
Charisma: Never Say Die, Final Countdown, Hapless Cool, Theme Music, Peak Performance
Manipulation: Blurt it Out, Kill the Messenger, Return to Sender
Appearance: Lasting Impression, Inescapable Vision, Serpents Gaze, Compelling Presence, Visage of the Great and Terrible, Eye of the Beholder
Perception: Empath, Fool Me Once, Real McCoy, Unfailing Recognition, Scent the Divine, Scent the titanic, Sense Fatebond, Spatial Attunement, Telescopic Senses, Clairvoyance
Intelligence: Perfect Memory, Applied Academics, Compartmentalization
Wits: Cobra Reflexes, Ingenious Improviser, Don’t Read the Manual

• Courage 5
• Expression 2
• Harmony 3
• Order 4

Lux 2.0

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