Greater Goddess of Death


Former life:
Divine titles: The Waiting Dark, The Final Moments, The Lady of Endings, The Drowned Goddess, Mother of Monsters
Alignment: Evil

Favored weapon: Scythe.
Symbol: A shark-toothed smile, dripping blood.

Name: Natalya
Divine Parent:
Nature: Trickster
Physical: Strength 6XXXXXX, Dexterity 4XXXX, Stamina 7XXXXXX
Social: Charisma 2XX, Manipulation 4XXXX, Appearance 7XXXXXX
Mental: Perception 6XXXXX, Intelligence 8XXXXXXX, Wits 5XXXXX
Abilities: Academics 3, Animal Ken 5, Art, Athletics 5, Awareness 4, Brawl 1, Command 1, Control, Empathy 1, Fortitude 2, Integrity 8, Investigation 1, Larceny, Marksmanship 1, Medicine, Melee 5, Occult 10, Politics 2, Presence 10, Stealth 2, Survival 5, Thrown
Jump: Vertical, Horizontal, Lift pounds, Move
HT: 0, -1, -1, -2, -2, -4, Inc
• Strength
Knockback Attack, Knockback Wave, Shockwave, Titanium Tools, Empowered Deflection, Legendary Parry
• Dexterity- Omnidexterity, Monkey Climber, Spider Climber, Anti-Gravity Climber, Microscopic Precision, Whirlwind Shield
• Stamina- Under Pressure, Whale’s Breath, Self-Healing, Solipsistic well-being, Skin Shedding, Damage Conversion
• Charisma- Hapless Cool, Theme Music
• Manipulation- Seductive Mein, Opening Act, Not the Face, Rumor Mill
• Appearance- Aura of Dread, Dreadful Mein, Waking Nightmare, Loathsome Presence, My eyes are up here, Tailor made
• Perception- Empath, Scent the Divine, Scent the Titanic, Sense Fatebond, Fool Me Once
• Intelligence- Telepathy, Grant Visions, Mind Tether, Speed Reader, Language Mastery, Instant Translation, Perfect Memory
• Wits
Animal- (Leviathan)- Animal Communication, Animal Obedience, Call of The Wild, Ride the Animal, Hive Mind, Hive Mind, Natural Army, Create Army, Create Nemean Animal, Hybrid Animal, Typhonian Creature
Darkness- Night Eyes, Afraid of the Dark, Shadow Refuge, Absorb Light, Consume Shadow, Shadow Shroud, Heart of Darkness
Death- Death Senses, Corpse Oracle, Unquiet Corpse, Summon Ghost, Mother’s Touch, Bleak Census, Haunted Mists, Open Underworld Portal, Revenant, Strike/Deny Death, The REAPER-Avatar.
Frost- Frost Immunity
Psychopomp- Unerring Orientation, All roads lead to Rome, Heart of The Maze, Spirit Lamp, Storm the Gates, Hand Off, Celerity, Oneiric Visit
Water- Create Water, Renewal, Sunken Treasure, Commander of the Currents, Denizen of the Deep, Drown, Undertow, Flash Flood, Deep Horror, Deluge, The FLOOD-Avatar
Virtues: Expression 1, Courage 5, Harmony 3, Order 2
Willpower: 8
Legend: 12
XP: 1110


Unlike other gods Natalya’s image changes very little culture to culture. She is tall, towering, with hair as dark as the deepest ocean depths, her skin is a pale that has never seen the sun or moons. Her limbs are long and almost skeletal, her nails raking and piercing, her eyes gleam a sinister yellow, and her mouth is wide as a sinister shark’s grin and filled with serrated teeth.
p. The Waiting Darkness is perhaps the most visible of Gods. Everyone knows her image. All children can describe her. Natalya is there when they’re born, she’s there waiting each night as they go to sleep, and if they live their lives wrong, they know she’ll be waiting one last time.


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