God of Lies


Formerly known as Miklos, the Isten God of Trickery.

Divine titles: The Lord of Lies, The Divine Minister, The Shadow Lord.
Alignment: Lawful Evil.

Favored weapon: Longsword.
Symbol: A perfect circle of black, with one gleaming eye slightly off center.

Favored Attributes: Darkness, Justice, Epic Manipulation, Epic Wits.
Favored Abilities: Academics, Command, Investigation, Larceny, Politics, Presence.

Portfolio: Darkness, Lies, Law.


Nicholas, one of the more static gods, has two separate forms that do not change. The first, a clean-cut, middle-aged man of Asian descent in a silver and blue suit with a stern, businesslike demeanor, is used when he speaks to the other gods or the other residents of the Heavenly City. When he speaks to souls which have not yet been accepted to Heaven or living being, he appears in a more monstrous form, an emaciated shadow creature whose form constantly flicker and shifts. Both forms possess only one eye, normally red and glowing.

Nicholas was once known as Miklos and was a prominent member of the Isten family and pantheon. He was married to Hala and is the father of Teniga and Alonya. Bored of his loveless marriage and of life with the Isten and realizing the inevitability of their defeat against more powerful gods, Miklos accepted an offer from Kumo to help defeat the Isten. Miklos was able to convince Sarkan into creating more dragons than he should have and thus, giving up a great deal of his original power. Now hated by the Isten as a liar and a traitor that cost them their King’s power, Miklos fled and Kumo, in gratitude for his deeds, gave Miklos the prestigious position of Divine Minister in the New Order. Several gods objected, but were appeased when Filth suggested a sacrifice to prove his loyalty and Miklos offered his eye. He has since changed his name to Nicholas in order to entirely cut ties to his former family and become an important member of the New Order.


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