Greater Goddess of Light


Former Life: Fenya Sunnadottir, Demigod of Sunna, Norse goddess of the sun
Divine titles: Shining Light of the World, Dawnbringer, Hope Eternal

Favored Weapon: Flail
Symbol: a beam of light

Favored Attributes:
Favored Abilities:

Portfolio:, Light, Warmth, Holy, Positive Energy, Spirits, Heavens, Divinity, Hope, Love


Fenya is the mother of Falgyam, Tuzel, and Sarkan, grandmother of Vara, Lazado and Kovac. The only god in the Azoth pantheon to have been around during the time of the many pantheons. Fenya once roamed the earth when the germanic tribes were still conquering and battling over the old world of Europa. After Yggdrasil caught fire, she feared for her children and wanted to do what she could to escape the coming battle, so she hid in the sun with her 3 sons. But one of them, Sarkan, was brave enough to step out of the sun after Ragnarok has started and begin his own work.

Fenya now spend her time watching over the new world as it has been ordered by the New Divine Order and it is Fenya that deals with treaties and deals with them. Having achieved a tentative peace with them, though it favors them more than anything, at least she has secured a place for her family, and mostly by the good grace of Kumo and a little help from Anzo, seeing as how she is family to him.

Fenya has a hard time walking around the mortal realm as he true form is pure light, and she has a hard time not glowing when she is in a corporal form. Though she herself a a warm person, and not just temperature wise. She extrudes calmness and comfort. Truthfully, Viza comes to her often for advise when concerning matters of the family and she happily lets her take credit, taking comfort in knowing that her family at least has a place of their own.

Fenya also has Odin’s horse, Sleipnir. As Anzo went around collecting the remnants of the Norse, Sleipnir was found by both him and Fenya, when both cried out to the horse, the horse ended up choosing Fenya over Anzo and he has never forgiven her for it.


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