Ascension, Death, Divine war, and Final Death

Ascension, Death, Divine War, Final Death

How can a god die? A god is simply a powerful spirit, and like all spirits is composed of soul. When a Spirt takes enough damage, either from another spirit, magic effect, or the bizarre environmental hazards of the planes, it can disperse. Though the amount of damage this takes varies, a ghost requiring far less than any kind of god or demon. While a spirit that has been slain in such a manner is technically dead, they are probably not gone forever. In fact they are likely to reform over the course of… well it depends on the spirit. A ghost, weakest of spirits will likely reform over the course of a few days, although anywhere between a few hours to around a week is considered normal. Gods normally take months or a few years. The most powerful Spirits typically take decades, even centuries to pull their forms back together.

Final Death: While most spirits can survive death, and some even take it in stride, there is always final death. Final Death is the end, from which there is no recovery possible. There are two situations that cause final death. The first is simply massive damage, the spirit is caught in such a devastating attack that it cannot reform. Though this is rarely a danger for powerful spirits.
It is said that every spirit carries within them a flaw. A specific doom that awaits them. This flaw can sometimes be incredibly specific, especially in gods, devils, and demons, or fairly general. Some examples are listed below-
It is foretold that Erebus, the Dark Wolf, will bring about the end of the Aesir. So, some say, it may be that all Aesir may only meet Final Death at the hand of Erebus. Though given the death of Odin at the hands of the wolf fenris, it is more likely that the Aesir hold a special vulnerability to Spirits taken with bestial energy.
Calma, the Azlanti Goddess of Spiders, is known to have a vulnerability to cold. Suffering greatly from even exposure to it. It is likely that her doom lies in weapons or powers of Winter.
Filth, god of plagues and insects, admitted that he felt his doom when held in the shadow webs of calma, and believes her to be his death.
Lux and Corax are believed to be fated to slay the other… or perhaps if one dies the other would merely fade away?

Ascension: In Progress

Divine War: Gods do not directly war on the surface of 2nd Earth. Instead they fight among the heavenly planes.
The great difference between war on earth, and war in heavens, is the nature of spirits. Even if an army of war ghosts is vanquished, it will likely reform within a few days. Defeating an enemy by destroying his army is not a considered a valid tactic as it will simply return. Instead while the armies fight (and provide a cinematic backdrop!) Gods, Demons, and Devils hunt one another across the battlefield.

Ascension, Death, Divine war, and Final Death

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