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Age: Ragnarok

Ragnarok is not an age of 2nd earth, but rather the final chapter of 1st Earth. The End Times of what most gods and mortals consider the Primordial Era.
It is known that there were many pantheons, the great families and kingdoms of gods, which watched over 1st. The wisest sages agree that the end times began when mankind began to turn their back on the gods, denying heaven its due. With their prodigious mastery of Technomancy the 1st Men rose to challenge the gods… and lost, but not before awakening something else. The Titans of old. If men are bodies of matter holding a sliver of soul, and the bodies of gods are souls holding a sliver of matter, then a Titan is an ocean of both, a devastating piece of the universe that in once instant ravages Earth and Heaven.
It is not known how long Ragnarok lasted, but its ending was definite. Creation, ruined beyond compare by the forces unyielded by nigh omnipotent Titans, desperate Gods, and the bizarre devastation weapons of the first men. Creation then… stopped existing.
It seems that while gods, spirits, and other beings that are primarily soul can weather non-existence with some degree of coherence, races composed mostly of matter are less suited to such a lack of environment.

Notable Events
• Death of Yggdrasil- the Death of Yggdrasil is a point of contention in the scattered records of this time. It is unanimously agreed that the Tree died. Some accounts claim that the tree was the first great loss of the war. Others state the tree was near the end and its death marked the point the Creation could no longer exist.

Age: Timelessness

After Creation ended fragments of it were left, and various gods and spirits and the endless souls of mortal dead… lingered. There can be no knowing exactly how long they existed in such a state, for any and all points of reference had been lost, but soon there came a call. A piper somewhere at the far shore of nothingness playing a song that could be heard by all inhabitants of the Zerorealm. Many, perhaps all, made the journey to the Piper. Holy Pluto, kindest of all the gods of 1st Earth sat alone, playing the last Threnody, his tribute to Creation.
A great conclave was held. Plans were hatched. A consensus was achieved. A New Earth, 2nd Earth, would be created. It would anchor the heavenly realms, as the creation before had done. The gods agreed and taking turns they pulled their power and began to form Creation.

The Nine main signatories are believed to be Thoth the Wise, Pluto the Kind, Thulu the Sorrowful, Tezcatlipoca the Eater of Worlds, The Tyrant of Nine Worlds, Tlazolteotl the Fragrant, Raiden the Ogre, Huitzilopochtli the Ravenous, and Shango the Unbreakable… although all surviving accounts indicate the Pluto Accords were discussed and agreed upon by 108 representatives of the greater whole. No complete list of the signatories is known to exist.

That we exist is proof of that Pluto Accords were successful. But what exactly the accords did is completely unknown. However logic tells us that at the very least -

The 9 Worlds were created – 2nd Earth, Terra, the Bright Moon, the Unseen Moon, Helios, Pandemonium, Barsoom, The Prison of Natit, and Pluto were all created from the Sea of Dreams.

Some method of returning mortals to life, and placing them on second earth must have been established.

Age: Long Night, 2nd Age of Men, Warring Times, Savage Era, Iron Age, The Fall
Duration: Est 1,000 Years

On Earth: Reliable chronicles and records of events of the Fall are largely… nonexistent. Most of the people during this time lacked the tools, or even just the stability or population in their region to produce the things that were needed for records to survive (that is the ability to create written works in sufficient quantity that they will survive for later scholars to make use of them.)
Some of the difficulty in the age seems to be in the nature of early mankind. The initial humans were created with the memories of their former lives on 1st Earth. But none of their great Technomancy wonders. Gone were instant communication, god slaying weapons, and other marvels we can only dream at… and mankind was not prepared to deal with their loss. By the beginning of the Teotl War the world had largely stabilized in an age of iron and barbarism.
Early evidence shows that Humanity was the dominant race of Early 2nd Earth being vastly more numerous than any of their competitor races, with halflings being a distant 2nd. Mankind would, for the most part, maintain this dominance on the Western Continents until the Teotl War and Long Night. However, the Eastern Continent marked the rise of Jotun, Rhin, Orcs, and even elves… and the extinction of Humanity from the massive landmass until the later Azlanti migrations.

In Heavens: It seems that whatever deals where struck with the Pluto Accords did not include any sort of deity unification clause. Records indicate there were as many as 38 Proto-pantheons during the Long Night. While some pantheons were worshipped over massive areas and populations on 2nd Earth (though vastly smaller than the modern New Order) such as the Heliopause, Council, Teotl, and Oni, others were quite small like the Yellow Fangs or Amazontir. Many deities confounded the confusion and conflicts by having a presence in multiple pantheons.

Notable Events on 2nd Earth
• Extinction of Humanity on the Far Eastern Continent and Continent of Mists.

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Age of Heroes
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Timeline 2

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