Goddess of the Vermilion Ocean


Alignment: Chaotic Evil.

Portfolio: The Vermilion Ocean, Magic, Radiation, Fury, Anger, Hatred.
Domains: Magic, Water (Radiation).
Worshipers: Sailors on the Vermilion Ocean.

Favored Weapon: Hooked blade.

Once the favored daughter of Coyote and Calma, Abenahir was famed for her beauty and skills in magical crafts. One fateful day, due to a cruel prank by other goddesses jealous of her natural gifts, she wandered down to Second Earth – and too far towards the Eastern Edge.

Her own magic began to warp and twist as the Eastern Edge, the place where the magic of the world begins to deteriorate, as she grew closer and closer to the End of the World. She realized her mistake too late, as her own vast magical power began to tear her apart from the inside. When she finally escaped the Edge, her beauty had been irreparably scarred; her magic irreversibly stained; and her fury eternally unbridled.

Abenahir’s temperament matches that of the ocean she has domain over… constantly raging, unpredictable and twisting with the forces of raw magic. This makes the Vermilion Ocean one of the least sailed bodies of water on Second Earth and the goblins who make their homes there are seen by other goblins as barbaric, savage and even a little crazy compared to some of the more civilized goblins out there.

Prayers to many evil gods are designed or plotted to sate that god’s anger, though worshippers of Abenahir know that, in this case, it is a futile exercise since Abenahir’s rage knows no bounds. Instead, prayers to her attempt to redirect her rage elsewhere, often by pointing the finger at other people or worshippers or subgroups. This leads to a culture of backstabbery and paranoia between the Vermilion goblins and in the communities that border the coastline.



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