Bethany 2.0

The Lady of the Evening
Goddess of passion, creativity and the individual

Greater Deity
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Demonyms: Bethanite, Bethanic.
Symbol: An ornate warhammer, decorated with complex curving patterns.
Home Plane (Sanctum): The Bright Moon (The Twilight Palace).
Followers: Artisans, Craftsmen, Lovers, Married Couples.
Clerical Alignments: CG, TN, CN, CE.
Favored Weapon: Warhammer.

Bethany is a widely-worshipped goddess and a key member of the New Order, despite her relative youth. She is the youngest god in the New Order by a significant margin, born after the conclusion of the Teotl War and Kumo Kaminari’s rise to power, in the era known as the Age of Heroes. The most important child of Kumo herself, Bethany’s time on Earth led to shattering changes in the status quo of the world – her actions shattered the power of the great elven city of Akrameh, overthrowing its oppressors, causing much of its population to flee to Nordenland and join the races of the New Order. She also warred with the Jotuns of Europa, sacking their great cities, shattering their sacred Mount Vox, and destroying much of their infrastructure – something from which they still haven’t truly recovered. Finally, her death at the hands of Mito caused the creation of the Inner Sea, a geographic landmark that redefined Nordenland and the world at large and caused the death of a huge portion of humanity. After her mortal death, she took the seat of Dolphin of the Eternal Council, since Dolphin had attended exactly one council meeting and was an absent member of the New Order, preferring instead to keep to herself on the plane of Terra.

Bethany is individualistic and creative to a fault, and her skill in all manner of artistic pursuits is unrivaled by any in all celestial realms. She is an accomplished painter, a talented dancer, a skilled architect, a gifted engineer, and a blacksmith without peer, along with possessing great skill for all other arts and crafts. Many deities wield weapons of her design and make, and items of her creation that linger from her time on Earth are incredibly sought after – often held as dynastic items passed down through generations of the greatest nations. The Allforge is Bethany’s personal forge, located deep in the heart of her Twilight Palace – it is a creative paradise churning out world wonders for use in the Celestial City. Her unbridled creativity is a key part of her personality, and she often abandons her responsibilities in pursuit of another impossible creation. She flitters from idea to idea impulsively and her decisions and likes are fueled by whimsy and a why-the-hell-not attitude that disgusts the more stringent lawful gods.

In appearance, the Princess of Heaven is a sultry manifestation of everything in elves that is fascinating to other races. She is stunningly beautiful with a raw sexual magnetism that is difficult to ignore, and is often described as sensual, desirable, and arousing – or other terms that are far more vulgar. She is thought to have a very exotic look and strongly favors red hair, a hair color that is quite rare amongst the humanoid races, particularly elves – though many worshippers dye their hair red to mimic Bethany’s favorite shade. She enjoys wearing very scant clothing that reveal her alluring figure. Bethany’s unique appearance and her skill with crafts combine to create a constantly-shifting appearance. She never appears to wear the same outfit twice and even her facial features are subject to her creative meddling. So great is her creativity and impulsiveness, Bethany has been known to change genders entirely for lengths of time. Overall, her appearance is as fluid and malleable as her likes, dislikes and current goals and it all shifts per Bethany’s wildly unpredictable whim. Despite this malleability, however, she is almost always depicted by mortals as a beautiful elven female.

Despite her whim however, Bethany is a goddess who is ruled by her passions and while hers is mostly consumed with the creation of beautiful art – she is also governed by her passion for food and sex and wine and violence and all the other earthly pleasures that the world can offer. She is hedonistic to an extreme, and there is many a story of Bethany taking on a mortal form to sate her more carnal desires. She has a great need for companionship and, as such, has many fleeting friends and is known across the realms for her wild parties and extravagant tokens of affection. Like many who crave companionship however, she is also deeply lonely – misunderstood by her mother and desperately seeking a lover who will hold her attention, despite her uncommitting nature. In this respect, Bethany has a great fondness for mortals who disappoint their family or are seeking true, unending love. Unlike Aquila, who sees love as a needless by-product of physical pleasure, Bethany sees love as the ultimate goal of such pleasures.

While not particularly skilled in any real means of combat, despite many attempted tutors, Bethany has succeeded in many battles due to her vast physical strength and patented unpredictability. A testament to the strength of her character and the force of her passion, Bethany is considered one of, if not the, strongest being in all of creation and many of her stories depict her impossible physical and mental strength. According to legend, she shattered Mount Vox, the great mountain fortress of the Jotun, by breaking each of its pillars with her bare hands.

Bethany welcomes the worship of all those who crave something – she feeds their desires and passions to find that perfect inspiration, the perfect creation or the perfect partner. While many have pointed out that Bethany is more moral than not, she still welcomes the worship of any passionate people and there have been many passions, stoked by hatred or anger or selfishness, that have won Bethany’s favor. Like all of the chaotic gods, her worship is often transitional in nature and she is worshipped by mortals when she is needed, rather than all of the time like her mother and the other lawful gods.

Bethany’s holy symbol is a warhammer, decorated with elaborate curves and knots which have become deeply associated with her. Occasionally, worshippers will use an alternate symbol of a hand, grasping a stylized heart, again made from elaborate curves. Her priests are expected to create their own holy symbol and her devotees compete with one another of the beauty of their symbols. She strongly associates with the color red, though to a lesser extent with deep yellows and oranges. Some of her epithets included the Red Princess, the Lady of the Evening, Forgemother, Hammerhand, and the Red Light.

The Church of Bethany
Temples and Shrines
A Priest’s Role
Holy Text
  • “Embrace the evening!” – A phrase used by Bethanites to tell others to live a little or indulge their desires. It has become a common phrase across the New Order world and is used to encourage people to ignore their established codes and break the rules for once in order to do something crazy or exciting.
  • “The strongest steel is tempered by the strongest soul.” – A phrase used by Bethanic clergy to explain that great art or creation only comes when the person creating it is indulging their passion and fueling their soul as opposed to simply following the instructions. It is often carved onto forges, looms and other creative items as a reminder for the artist to follow their passion.
Relations with Other Gods

Bethany’s relations with the other New Order gods are complex and are often filled with contradictions. As a general rule, Bethany and Aquila get along relatively well, but their arguments are legendary and the aftermath of seething annoyance can last for decades on end. She has good relations with Lilac, Dinar, Davey Jones and Corax – for as much as gods like Jones and Corax can have good relations.

Her relationship with Noire is more strained, due to Bethany seeing her purview as an indulgence of other people’s desires as opposed to Noire’s own. Filth and Bethany do not get along with each seeing the other and a black mirror of what they try to do – Bethany creates art with no sense of purpose, while Filth creates science to solve problems, not feed his desires. Anzo struggles with Bethany, as he approves of her search for true love and a place of belonging, but dislikes her lack of commitment and endless flights of fancy. Lux tolerates Bethany due to her ability to create weapons and armor like no-one else in the world, though it would be very hard to call them friends.

Bethany’s most strained relationships are with her mother and her chief advisor, Bagheera. Both see Bethany as a rebellious princess who shirks her responsibilities for fleeting fancies. Bethany frequently tries to please her mother, but inevitably ends up disappointing her in some way by not clinging to Kumo’s strict etiquette and codes of custom. Bethany’s frosty relationship with Bagheera is only made worse by Tourmaline’s dislike of her due to Bethany’s actions against the Jotuns when she was a mortal.

  • The Twilight Palace – Located on the Bright Moon, Bethany’s palace is a sight to behold. Constructed of polished stone, shining steel and red glass, it is considered the most beautiful building in the Celestial City, though its size and grandiose and dwarfed by Kumo’s Palace of Thunder and Dinar’s Goldengate. Its architectural style is unique and indescribable and Bethany is said to have personally designed and laid each curve of her home. It is surrounded by the legendary Sculpture Gardens and every inch of Bethany’s cluttered home is covered in art from across the centuries, of her own making and of others, mortal and divine, who have impressed her. Deep inside her palace lies the Allforge, where Bethany constructs the finest weapons in creation.
Retainer Gods
  • Mito – An ages-old scion of limited power with a dour demeanor, Bethany’s first act as a member of the New Order was to raise Mito to godhood. Many mocked the decision, as it was Mito that had ended Bethany’s mortal life, but Bethany saw a kindred spirit in Mito, one who could understand her loneliness and her endless search for love. Despite their differences, Mito has proven to be Bethany’s most enduring friendship and the two can often found in each other’s company. Mito herself is worshipped by members of the New Order as the goddess of the Inner Sea and she is one of The Nine maritime gods that are worshipped by goblins.
  • Bhaltair
  • Ruthie
Divine Artifacts
  • Dusk Descending – Bethany’s warhammer, equally a weapon to destroy as it is a tool to build. Its head is said to be so heavy that only Bethany herself can properly wield it.

Name: Bethany
Divine Rank: 16
XP: 796
Theme Song: ‘Cherry Bomb’ by the Runaways

Strength Avatar!, Dexterity 7XXXXXXX, Stamina 5XXXXX.
Charisma 4XXXX, Manipulation 4XXXX, Appearance 9XXXXXXXXX.
Perception 3XXX, Intelligence 7XXXXXXX, Wits 5XXXXX.

Skills: Academics 2, Animal Ken, Art (Architecture 15, Culinary 13, Engineering 15, Metalsmithing 18, Modern 12, Performance Art 15, Stonework 12, Textiles 15, Visual Art 15, Woodwork 13), Athletics 2, Awareness, Brawl, Command, Control 8, Empathy 1, Fortitude 4, Integrity 4, Investigation, Larceny 2, Marksmanship, Medicine, Melee 5, Occult 3, Politics 1, Presence 3, Stealth, Survival, Thrown 3. Please note – due to her possession of Artistry boons, all of Bethany’s Art scores are treated 11 higher than normal.

Boons: Artistry Avatar!, Fire 3X (Fire Immunity, Creative Spark, Fire’s Eye), Sun 8X (Rejuvenation, Divine Radiance, Heavenly Flare, Flare Missile, Burn, Divine Brilliance, Sun Chariot, Daybreak), Thunder 1X (Charged Blood).

Legend: 12.
Virtues: Courage 2, Expression 6, Harmony 3, Order 1.

Strength: ALL.
Dexterity: Photographic Penmanship, Microscopic Precision, Whirlwind Shield, And the Crowd Goes Wild, Roll With It, Omnidexterity, Blitzkrieg.
Stamina: Holy Fortitude, Divine Fortitude, Tireless Worker, Self-Healing, Regeneration.
Charisma: Hapless Cool, Theme Music, Peak Performance, Charmer.
Manipulation: Rumor Mill, Trendsetter, Advantageous Circumstances, Commandment.
Appearance: My Eyes Are Up Here, Detail Variation, Tailor Made, Undeniable Resemblance, Unusual Alteration, Doin’ Fine, Star Power, Game Face, Mask the Divine.
Perception: Perfect Pitch, Refined Palate, Spatial Attunement.
Intelligence: Perfect Memory, Applied Academics, Compartmentalization, Speed Reader, Know-It-All, Language Mastery, Instant Translation.
Wits: Don’t Read the Manual, Stunt Driver, Born Behind the Wheel, Chariots of Fire, Social Chameleon.

Bethany 2.0

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