Calma 2.0

Calma, Kama, Silencia


The Oni of old, were a monstrous race of deities. Barbaric, crude, violent, warlike… but sometimes they could be incredibly wise. Kama, who is also called Silencia, and whose name has been bastardized to Calma, is one of the learned ones. She is meticulous, cautious, and even glacial in her actions. Yet when her plans and schemes fall into line she can be overwhelming. Those she’s arrayed herself against find that all their plans are for not, that every eventuality, every outcome has been predicting, and the only option left is to let the dominos fall according to Calma’s plans.
Calma was born in the Long Night, and her father the God Fujin somehow robbed her of the ability of speech, though various myths give differing reasons. The trickster Coyote was given the opportunity to marry one of the sisters. He chose the goddess who was both beautiful and the one he believed would give him the least trouble, the demure and silent Calma.

“I usually don’t admit this… but I may have made a mistake.” Coyote to Xipe Totec

Shorter than her sisters and heavyset, six armed with long fingers. Her midnight colored hair often simply hangs flat, with no signs of curls. Her eyes are simple violet. Not known for
But when she desires she can become terrible to behold. Her arms turn into spider legs, and her forearms become tough and clawed, her eyes split into eight distinct segments, and deadly fangs overflowing from poison burst from her mouth. It is in this form that she often reveals her overwhelming physical strength, a match for all but the very mightiest of deities.

Calma and the Azlanti
Calma is the premier goddess of the Azlanti. The wife of the Clever God of trickery and tales Coyote, and the mother of a majority of the younger generation of Gods. Taking his rights as chief, Xipe Totec once claimed Calma for a night, and she birthed him a son. She was once raped by El-Tio, and she bore him a daughter.
While Calma is not a formal leader of the pantheon, such is men’s work. She has her feelers in most of the politics of Azlanti life, and her meddling is subtle enough to pass nearly entirely without notice.
“They say my wife cannot speak, that she was born without the gift of words or sound. It’s a lie. She can talk. I know she can. I admit I can’t prove it. But lack of evidence is hardly evidence of absence!”- Coyote

Calma Goddess of Dreams and the Evening Hearth
“If you ask a man of the New Order, and not a priest but a simple man, what the Sea of Dream is He would say that it is an ocean. Filled with small islands where the souls of those who dream go, and that when a dreamer wakes, his soul snaps back to his body, only to be cast adrift again when he returns to sleep. He would then say that when a man dies his soul makes one final journey across the Sea of Dream to the Bright Moon aboard the Black Ship.
“Yet if you ask an Azlanti, he will give you a different answer. Azlanti believe that Dream is a Field, filled with row upon row of plants, and that each plant represents a person. Calma tends the field around her house cleaning the fruit of each plant, and the fruit represents all the dreams of a man. Should his dreams become nightmares he would say that something is wrong with his plant, or that his fruit is not being cared for. At long last when a man is sacrificed, dies in battle, or falls to some lesser end, the plant of his life dies, and the fruit of all his dreams and memories is collected by Calma and carried to the Hall of Xipe Totec.” – Briar Bramble, Insights into the Azlanti Mind

Calma is the Azlanti Goddess of Evening, Hearth, and Dreams. The time to be together in the nest, and out of the cold. She is often acknowledged as such, in small ways, and is a favored goddess of Azlanti women. Though men have few problems with Calma, very few would take a goddess as a patron.
To the Azlanti mind Calma is not a goddess of battles. No woman could be. But more than that, she is all wrong for a battle. War is fast, racing Goatmen, horse riders, sweeping movement and flashing sabers. Women, in the Azlanti culture, do not ride. Ergo they are not warriors, fighters, hunters, or soldiers. Yet, Azlanti women learn to use a long knife, a wicked blade most cultures would call a short sword. Yet, most Azlanti women learn to use the Long Bow, a great two handed weapon that could only be used on foot. The knife, most Azlanti men insist, is just practical. A useful tool for clearing weeds, cutting fields, or even digging. Yes, a woman could use it to defend herself, but she could also defend herself with a wooden spoon, the knife is just better at it. Well, yes, the Longbow could be used as a weapon. Quite an effective one actually. But that’s not what it’s for. No, bowmanship is an art. While men use short riding bows from horseback. Women, protected by warrior men, have the leisure time to learn an impractical bow like the longbow. Isn’t beautiful to see such a fine shot? The grace, the precision, it takes a real woman to master a longbow. Well, yes, a woman could use a longbow to defend herself, but she really shouldn’t have to. What kind of man would attack a woman anyway?

Calma is not an archer, or even a knife fighter, she leaves that tom foolery to other Azlanti goddesses. But like all Azlanti Women she is the last line of defense of her home and village, and is not a stranger to violence. Calma is an architect, an engineer, and she knows how to set a trap for anyone who would do violence against her own. So while Azlanti men would never pray to Calma before a battle. Azlanti women ask her for the insight to do the most damage with the least amount of risk, they ask for clever stratagems to hide goods and children from raiders, and they ask her for vigilance to know when trouble is on the horizon.

“Many consider my wife passive. It’s a facade. Yes, she’s quiet and yes she moves slowly. But she’s observant, patient, deliberate, and incredibly precise when she decides to act. She’s a temptress, a man slayer, she just prefers to have her prey come to her… and I fell for it.” Coyote

Calma Goddess of Spiders
“Some fuckers forget that for most insects, meeting a spider is a lot like a man meeting T-Rex. Calma’s as fucking scary as fucking monsters get.”- Filth of Calma.

Calma is the patient goddess of spiders, cleverly waiting in her web, for the foolish and unwary to wander into her nest and waiting fangs. Sometimes it’s a metaphor, like when she tricked her husband into choosing her out of her sisters, for she perhaps desired him a little and knew she couldn’t count on him to make the right decision without being led to it. But other times it’s a deadly true description, and her prey is killed outright.

Regardless, in Azlanti Culture spiders are typically well thought of. While not kept as pets or given free reign of a household, most Azlanti will leave a spiderweb in the corner alone. After all, spiders prey on disease carrying vermin. Useful little things.

Sacrifice: Azlanti priests offering tribute to Calma prefer to use the tongue of the sacrifice.

Home Plane: Barsoom… though for a time she fled the home of her husband and found solace in the dark mists and shadow woods of the Unseen Moon.


Name: Calma
Divine Rank: 20
Xp: 1207

Strength 10XXXXXXXXXX, Dexterity 3XXX, Stamina 7XXXXXXX
Charisma 1, Manipulation 8XXXXXXXX, Appearance 5XXXXX
Perception Ultimate, Intelligence 10XXXXXXXXXX, Wits 5XXXXX

Skills: Academics 2, Animal Ken 4, Art (Architecture 4, Culinary 2, Engineering 2, Metalsmithing, Modern, Performance Art 2, Stonework 2, Textiles 2, Visual Art 2, Woodwork 2), Athletics 2, Awareness 2, Brawl 5, Command 2, Control 1, Empathy 3, Fortitude 6, Integrity 2, Investigation 2, Larceny, Marksmanship, Medicine 3, Melee 1, Occult 2, Politics 2, Presence 2, Stealth 5, Survival 2, Thrown

Purviews: Animal (Spider) 10X, Darkness 10X, Health 5X, Justice 5X

Strength: Crushing Grip, Divine Wrath, Disfiguring Attack, One inch punch, Flick, Stalwart Cling, Hang On, Titanium Tools, Empowered Deflection, Legendary Prowess.
Dexterity: Monkey Climber, Spider Climber, Anti-Gravity Climber
Stamina: Skin Shedding, Self-Healing, regeneration, Inner Furnace, Devourer, Internal Refinery, Bezoar
Manipulation: Total Recall, Who Me, Implant False Memory, Obliteration, God’s Honest, Overt Order, Instant Hypnosis, Mass Hypnosis
Appearance: Lasting Impression, Inescapable Vision, Serpent Gaze, Compelling Presence, Visage of the Great and Terrible
Intelligence: Tactical Planning, Principles of Motion, Fight with Your Head, Art of War, Telepathy, Blockade of Reason, Parapet of the Mind, Multi Tasking, Perfect Memory, Math Genius
Wits: Cobra Reflexes, Instant Assessment, Instant Investigator, Eternal Vigilance

Calma 2.0

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