Handmaidens of Kumo 2.0


“Make Way small gods and gentle spirits, make way! She comes, Her Divine Majesty, Queen of the Sky, Supreme Over the Four Horizons, Slayer of the Teotl, Mighty Oni of the Sundered Isles, Vanquisher of the Unworthy, She Who Holds The World Orb, Reigning Until the End Of Creation, Kumo the Ever Victorious!”

Names: Cir, Alto, Cumul, Stratus

The Four Lightning Bolts and cloud maidens who serve as Kumo’s handmaidens, guards, and personal retainers. They are lesser gods, akin to a city father, but often serve as direct agents of the throne, giving them a status and degree of influence that far outstrips their own limited power.

To maintain their position they’ve sworn personal oaths of fealty and vows of chastity. They shall not know the duties of a lover, wife, or mother while they serve the Queen of Heaven.


Hundreds of spirits serve in the palace of Heaven. Most are little known to the people of 2nd Earth. But four names ring clarion. They are the edge of the storm. The electric heralds of thunder, the emissaries of her most Divine Majesty, the royal handmaidens.

Handmaidens of Kumo 2.0

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