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“I walked the world in the age of heroes, I lived, I fought, I loved, I cried. Too often I could only weep. My tears filled the spoiled and ruined midlands and made the Inner Sea.”
An oni born to the Goddess Dolphin at the close of the Teotl War, Mito is one of the legendary figures who lived in the Age of Heroes and like most of her contemporaries; her struggles are largely known and recorded, especially compared to deities of an earlier age. Mito is the goddess of the Inner Sea, of toads, and gentle rain showers. She is a gentle soul, perhaps a little too fond of drink, and prone to being a little weepy.

“I was mortal when I met the sage Lester Matteson, he seemed tired then, crushed by the weight of the great task he’d been chosen by heaven to complete. It was something I could sympathize with.”- Mito.
Mito lived a simple life, and even as a goddess appears as a simple woman to the eye. She bears the simple wool robe and long skirts that Midlander Druids tend to wear to this day. She often walks barefoot, or in simple sandals. Her hair is always damp, and hangs wild and unkempt. Her eyes are large with the square irises of a toad. It is noted in nearly every source that she is somewhat plump with a prominent chest, and that she wears a necklace with 12 large beads. Eleven of the beads are black, but one is a brilliant sea blue.

Mito and The New Order
Mito is the Goddess of the Inner Sea and holds an important place in bureau of Nature. Her dominion over Toads and Frogs makes her a member of the great herd. Yet she is also a goddess of alcohol, and has a minor office in the Bureau of Humanity (Dept of Objects). While important in her own offices, she has little ability to enact large changes, and little influence in the backroom deals of heaven.
Mito also has a somewhat… troubled relationship with the bureau of Humanity. She has, historically, been a champion of humans, something that draws large amounts of approval from the Aesir heavy bureau. However, her community based worship is popular along the banks of her sea, drawing a notable amount of prayers from city fathers and even Anzo… something they aren’t exactly thrilled with.

Mito and the Age of Heroes
It is believed that Mito lived her early life in the southlands, and was sold to slavery aboard a goblin ship. At some point she left the ships of the ocean and became an iterant druid.
Yet the Orc migrations had arrived, and what the Teotl War failed to do in the North the Orc throngs and Elven ravagers did. Some of the still mortal divinities tried to drive the invaders out, such as Noac and Recluse. Others like Azelia tried to rally the cultures of the continent, spreading knowledge and building peaceful ties. Mito is one of the few awkward deities who falls into both areas. Her peaceful life shattered by green hordes she took to the battlefields alongside other peasants and small folk left behind by retreating armies and the shattered forces of mankind.
She was never a general, never a queen of a kingdom, not a great sage, yet it is Mito who left the most lasting and visible mark on the world… The bountiful expanse of the Inner Sea itself.

Mito and Bethany
“Twelve times I fought she who would be the goddess of twilight. Eleven times I lost. Her hammer smashing me aside without fail. Laughing her elvish laugh as I lay broken and bleeding. But I did not need to beat her twelve times, nor eleven times, nor even twice. I only needed to beat her once. Once, once, once. With the fate of the Midlands in my hands, I drowned her beneath my Inner Sea. We both ascended that day, but I walked into dream by my own choice, and her mortal body lies entombed forever beneath the Sea of Toads and city of chains.”
The world is rife with stories of conflict between deities. Yet even among these tales, few are filled with the sheer vitriol and hate that burns. 12 Battles they fought, each a novel in its own right. Each a ballad.
They have much in common. Both are Oni, descended from the 4 sisters. Both are free spirits. Yet the circumstances of their life have made dread foes of these two goddesses. Though Mito won their final mortal conflict, it is said that Bethany landed a great curse with her final breath. Dooming Mito so no man would ever really love her.

Mito and the Races of 2nd Earth
“Whereas by our Divine Concession, Our Trusty, Well Beloved ……………….. has this day entered Our Domain. We do hereby declare to all whom it may concern that it is Our Divine Will and Pleasure to confer upon him the Freedom of the Inner Sea without undue ceremony, and acknowledge that he is a sailor. Should he fall overboard, We do command that all Sharks, Dolphins, Whales, Mermaids, Toads and other dwellers in the Deep are to abstain from maltreating his person. And we further direct all Sailors, Soldiers, Captains and others who have not crossed Our Domain, to treat him with the respect due to One of Us. Given under Our Hand at Our Court At this Temple in the City of….. on this ….. day of ….. in the year …..
— High Clerk, Mito — Oni”- Excerpt from the coming of age ceremony undertaken by Goblins and some humans, granting them permission to cross the Inner Sea.

Humans, Halflings, Goblins: Mito is a goddess of the Inner Sea, and is well beloved by these races, and seems to love them in return.

Serpentfolk, Dwarves: Few Dwarves or Serpentfolk live on or around the Inner Sea, and while Mito has never shown any problems with their races as a whole, there is a certain practical distance imposed that limits interactions between Mito and members of these races.

Orcs, Elves: There are few orc or elf clerics of Mito, some argue lingering racism on behalf of the goddess. Others say there are just relatively few Orcs or elves that live in the Midlands, the region is still primarily a Human, Halfling, and Goblin. It is a lingering question.

The Inner Sea: Widely considered the shallowest of the Oceans and Seas, the Inner Sea rarely reaches 50m, and never more than 100m down from the surface, in fact vast stretches of the Inner Sea can simply be waded across. It’s a rainy sea prone to flooding (though rarely outside of expected levels), though such floods rarely go beyond expected levels. Undersea farms of kelp and dozens of other second earth crops can be found across the length and breadth of the Sea, and hundreds of species of plants, corral, and fish call the sea home.
But the most common life in the inner sea are frogs and toads of all sizes. Tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of species, most the size of your hands, some as big as a basketball, a couple car sized, and sailors tell of great toads that sleep in the deep that grow to be the size of whole towns! People on the Inner Sea catch frogs and toads and use them in all sorts of interesting ways! From food, to poison, to psychedelics.
Despite the rain, the water on the Inner Sea is nearly always calm, making rowing preferable to sails, but the frequent raising and dropping of the Sea can leave the water somewhat murky. Common myth holds that the drunker Mito is, the murkier the water. Supposedly if she’s ever sober the water will be so clear you won’t be able to see it at all.

Mark of Victory: A Necklace that tells the final count.
The Shady Spear: An Umbrella that doubles as a short spear.


Divine Rank: 15
XP: 760

Strength 9XXXXXXXXX, Dexterity 6XXXXXX, Stamina 9XXXXXXXXX
Charisma 5XXXXX, Manipulation 5XXXX, Appearance 4XXXX
Perception 6XXXXXX, Intelligence 5XXXX, Wits 8XXXXXXXX

Skills: Academics 1, Animal Ken 5, Art (Architecture 2, Culinary 2, Engineering 2, Metalsmithing 2, Modern 2, Performance Art 2, Stonework 2, Textiles 2, Visual Art 2, Woodwork 2), Athletics 4, Awareness 1, Brawl 2, Command 1, Control 1, Empathy, Fortitude 8, Integrity, Investigation 1, Larceny 1, Marksmanship, Medicine 1, Melee, Occult 1, Politics 1, Presence 5, Stealth 1, Survival 1, Thrown

Boons: Animal (Toad) 7, Sky 5, Thunder 7, Water 10

Mito 2.0

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