• Draconic Form- Monopoly is a white scaled dragon, some 60 meters long of particularly impressive girth. A single massive horn juts from Monopoly’s snout; the horn is straight and true without a hint of a twist or curve. She always has the scent of polished metal.
• Human Form- Monopoly is a plain, practical woman, with trimmed, professional hair and copper gold eyes.
o Tell: Monopoly’s eyes mark her. A molten copper gold color, that seems to be flowing liquid. When she weeps they leave golden trails down her cheeks.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Human Levels: Rogue 20

Habits: Unlike most Dragons, Monopoly has heavily interacted with the mortal races… going so far as to found the Bank of Platinum. She has increased her fortune slowly but steadily over the centuries using promises of loans and interest, until she has become one of the most disgustingly rich being in the mortal world.

Lair: Monopoly is a business woman, and prefers to dwell among mortals in her human form. However she always has a lair nearby with plenty of gold for her hoard.

Treasure: Monopoly collects cash, coins, letters of credit, or valuable stones. She places no stock in art or trinkets. Sadly, at any given time much of her treasure is dispersed in the form of loans or investments to various other locations.

Powers: Monopoly has a breath of frozen fire that turns blood to ice and chills even the bones. But she is more noted for her fantastic memory, effortlessly recalling tactical details, or giving the details of transactions years past.

History: A young dragon created in the wake of the Teotl War, with a habit of involving herself in the affairs of mortals, much of Monopoly’s life is recorded in texts about Dragons. Recently she was cheated by the goblin captain Burbonack during the War of the White Rose and became involved, assaulting burning scores of their vessels searching for the one eared goblin. She was slain in Dragontail, lead into a trap by her hated foe, she assaulted and destroyed most of the Indigo Coast in her wrath.



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