Natalya 2.0

Goddess of the Atlas Ocean


Sired by (Calma or Xipi Totec or both?), Natalya was born during the Long Night in the land of the Azlanti. Not much is known of her upbringings nor her activities during the time before the Teotl War. What is known about her is that she started that war fighting with the Azlanti and by the end she had switched sides. Some accounts claim that Anzo was the one that convinced her to join the New Order. Others claim that she only wanted to be on the winning side.

Some scholars of Anzo have started to claim that she is the mother of Azelia. Believing that it was Anzo that brought her into the New Order on the promise of a richer life than any the Azlanti could offered. Their affair caused both her defection and conceived Azelia, but sometime after the wars end caused Anzo to begin denying any involvement with her, causing their bad blood.

“As I waited to greet the next god, it started to rain in my room. I looked up and saw nothing but water coming from the ceiling then the door opened. In walked in a woman. Despite it being bright outside, I could not make out her face. As she approached, I could still not make our her facial features. Her hair covered her eyes and nose, her robes were covered in dark, inky water and when she took her seat, her scythe was plopped onto the table with a great thud, small as it was. ‘Hello, Lester’ she said to me. Her mouth baring a very disturbing grin, as her teeth were the only thing white about her.” – Lester Matteson on Natalya
Those that are fortunate enough to see Natalya and live to tell the tale have similar accounts to her appearance, though they are vague accounts. Wherever she is, it seems to be raining. She holds a great scythe and is covered in thick, dark robes that seem to excrete water. Her face is barely visible due to her long hair and the water that surrounds her.

Those of the New Order that see her know she has deep violet eyes, pale skin and black hair with red highlights that’s kept in 2 pigtails. She is rather short compared to other goddesses and her outfit is a dark blue, long skirt, maids outfit with very short sleeves.

Natalya and the New Order
“I am the sea. When your ships rock, it is because I will it so. If your ships sink, it is because I will it so. Your tributes may help keep you alive, if I feel it worthy.” – Natalya, the Dark Lady
Whether for power, a new home with a fresh start or just because she wanted a change, Natalya has fully integrated herself into the New Order. Serving on the Bureau of Nature in the Department of Water as the Goddess of the Atlas Ocean, her being one of the Nine

Natalya and the Azlanti
While she was born to the Azlanti, as a woman she did not have much of a chance to develop and prove herself as a goddess. Her (insert parent) (if calma, she kept pushing her to develop her powers to prove to others what she could do) (if Xipi, kept her down and warned her to pick up a profession of homemaking). Regardless of her upbringings, Natalya was unhappy with her home, making her defection to the New Order all the easier. The sting of betrayal will never be forgotten, making the Azlanti disdain for the New Order all the greater.

Natalya and the Nine
more to come

Natalya and the Races
“Blessed be our Dark Lady and her dark home. Bring our foes a watery end so worth of your name. Bring our homes calm waters that sustains us. May our decks stay wet and full of tribute to you.” – Galawicks, Goblin Captain of Lady’s Hunt, reciting a prayer of Natalya
Races that have villages around the Atlas Ocean either revere or fear Natalya. Many sailors pray to her to ensure safe passage while sailing in her domain. Pirates pray for harsh seas against those they with to plunder. But of all the races that surround the Atlas Ocean, it’s the seafaring Goblins that make their homes in the ocean that are her biggest worships. Nicknaming her the Dark Lady out of respect and reverence.

The Atlas Ocean and the Dark Below
Natalya makes her home in a part of the Atlas Ocean known as the Dark Below. An area of the ocean that is so dark, no mortal could ever hope to visit. Many mortals believe that a portal to the underworld is there, open to all manner of sea monsters that plague the Atlas Ocean. These rumors have earned Natalya the nickname of Queen of Sea Monsters by those that live further inland.

Artifacts of Legend

  • Black Water – The scythe carried by Natalya has the power to shrink and grow in size based on her need. The scythe blade itself seems to always be coated in water, much like it’s wielder. Made of a very dark material, it is believed that the blade was forged in the Dark Below, an area of the Atlas Ocean where nothing but darkness exists.

Purviews: Water, Darkness

Natalya 2.0

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